Zune HD: Revisited

Let’s take a tour of the Zune HD, the most underrated hardware ever created… In my opinion =] Best price: **Disclaimer** – I am not an iPod hater. I even have an Apple hardware review coming soon…..! source

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Cardfight Vanguard Megacolony Machining Stag + Cyclamatooth deck

I find this build more fun compared to the more common machining deck. Grade 3 4x Machining Stag Beetle 4x Unrivaled Blade Rogue Cyclamatooth Grade 2 4x Machining Mantis 4x Machining Papillo 3x Machining Tarantula Grade 1 2x Machining Ladybug 2x Paralyze Madonna 4x Machining Hornet 4x Machining Mosquito 2x Machining Caucasus Grade 0 8x Critical 4x Stand 4x Heal Machining Little Bee source

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Top 5 Most Underpriced Tech!

The best deals in tech right now. Insane Bang/Buck ratios! 5. Nexus 7 [0:31] 4. Audio Technica ATH-M50s [1:31] 3. Canon t3i [2:43] 2. Nexus 4 [3:58] 1. Klipsch S4i [4:50] Links to all the most Underpriced Tech Below! Nexus 7: Audio Technica ATH-M50: Canon t3i: Canon Powershow ELPH300HS: Nexus 4: Klipsch S4i: 2TB Seagate Hard Drive: Canon 60D: Apple Mac Mini: Audio Technica ATH-M35: Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech: Playlist of all MKBHD Countdowns: WIN a Nexus 4 or…

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