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Lenovo Yoga 910 14″ Review – Intel i7 Kaby Lake 2-in-1 Laptop

Buy it at Best Buy – ( affiliate link ) – Lenovo’s new Yoga 910 offers slightly better performance and battery life over last year’s Yoga 900. See more laptops: and subscribe! 00:14 – Demo of 2 in 1 functionality 00:54 – Hardware overview 01:39 – Odd web cam placement 02:10 – Keyboard and trackpad 03:19 – Finger print reader and unlcoking 03:30 – Performance: web browsing and YouTube / video streaming 04:37 – Display quality 04:53 – Audio quality…

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Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900 Video Review

A video review of the Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900 ebook reader. The Daily Edition has wirless, a touch screen and 1.6 gigs storage. It supports ePUB books from Sony’s store and other online ebook stores that sell ePUB format. It can read newspapers, magazine, library ebooks and PDFs. Read our full review at: source

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Lenovo AIO 910 Review – All in One 27″ Touch Screen PC That Folds Flat

Find one at Lenovo – (not an affiliate link). The Lenovo AIO 910 is a refresh of a similar device from last year with a discrete GPU. It folds down similar to the Microsoft Surface Studio. See the Y910 review here: and subscribe! VIDEO INDEX: 00:56 – Hardware overview 01:33 – Folding down the display 05:31 – Web browsing and YouTube / video performance 06:50 – Microsoft Word / Office test 07:19 – Gaming: Minecraft 07:53 – Gaming: Rocket League…

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Sony PlayStation Vita Unboxing And Overview

This is my unboxing video for the brand new Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi only model. Stay tuned for more videos covering the PlayStation Vita and for a full review. Here’s where I purchased my PSVita: For More Updates, Follow Me On Twitter: Like Me On Facebook: Subscribe if you liked it more great videos! source

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Nokia N900 Video Review

A video review of the Nokia N900 Maemo smartphone. This is Nokia’s first Linux based Maemo 5 smartphone. It’s unlocked GSM quad band with EDGE and it has 3G on T-Mobile’s US bands and Euro 3G. The N900 has Cortex A8 CPU with 3D graphics acceleration, a 5 megapixel camera, 800 x 480 pixel touch screen, QWERTY keyboard and 32 gigs storage. It also has GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Read our full review at: source

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Amazon Echo Spot Review – Alexa device with a small, round display

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Amazon’s $129 Echo Spot pairs familiar Alexa voice commands with a small round display. See more Alexa devices: and subscribe! Index below: VIDEO INDEX: 00:43 – Hardware overview / price 01:05 – Round touch display 01:30 – Visual data for responses 02:05 – Playing videos 02:49 – Song lyrics for singalongs 03:14 – Viewing Alexa compatible security cameras 03:41 – Speaker and sound quality 03:57 – Audio output jack 04:24 – Avoiding…

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Pocket CHIP Review – Enclosure for the $9 C.H.I.P. Mini Computer

Be sure to watch my original video here: – The Pocket C.H.I.P. is an enclosure for the $9 CHIP computer that includes a keyboard, touch screen display, and battery that’s good for about 3-4 hours of usage. Subscribe for more! VIDEO INDEX: 1:12 – Hardware overview 3:34 – Touch screen and keyboard navigation 5:22 – PICO-8 Fantasy Game Console 7:11 – Make music app 7:39 – Conclusion and final thoughts The C.H.I.P. performs about the same in the enclosure as…

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Samsung Chromebook Plus Review – 2 in 1 Chromebook Tablet with Stylus!

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Samsung’s Chromebook Plus pairs a beautiful high DPI 12.3″ display with a fast ARM processor. See more Chromebooks: and subscribe! VIDEO INDEX: 01:00 – Hardware overview 01:05 – Display quality 01:43 – Display aspect ratio discussion with Netflix 02:47 – OP1 Processor 03:29 – RAM and storage 03:33 – Weight and build quality 03:56 – Ports and USB-C 05:15 – Stylus storage 06:01 – Keyboard and trackpad 06:25 – Speakers and sound…

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