Three new iphones

iPhone XS vs XS Max – Which To Buy?

The 2018 Apple Keynote just wrapped, we got the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR – but which one is the best smartphone to buy? Here are my thoughts on the next generation iPhones with the boss iPhone XS Max in Gold 512GB coming to my hands soon! Snazzy: ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ At the 2018 Apple Keynote on September 12th they unveiled 3 new iPhones, including a new iPhone XS, a supersized version called the iPhone…

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Could This Be The Last iPhone XS Rumor..?

When is the new iPhone XS Max coming out? Will the iPhone XS come in blue? I go through some recent rumors and release date of the new iPhone XS, Max, and potentially less expensive iPhone XR/XC… What do you think about these names – leave a comment ⬇ TechSmartt Livestream: ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ We’re expecting to see three new iPhones this year at the 2018 Apple Keynote on September 12th, including a new iPhone X, a…

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