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I Bought $561 Worth of eBay Tech Mystery Boxes…

Buying $561 worth of eBay mystery boxes, I’ll let you be the judge!! Did I get enough cool tech and gadgets? ➽Subscribe if you’re new!! ➽ If we hit 20,000 LIKES I’ll up the budget!! -Fan Mail- TechSmartt Keaton Keller 928 N. San Fernando Blvd. Ste J#348   Burbank, CA 91504 USA Buying $1,270 Worth of Supreme eBay Mystery Boxes: I got some pretty WILD stuff in these boxes – should we go back to Supreme and Hypebeast boxes?? These eBay…

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iPhone XR…Why I’m Waiting

I check out the new iPhone XR, giving you my first impressions and overall outlook on the new, lower-budget iPhone from Apple at $749! Will you be getting the iPhone XR or going with the more expensive iPhone XS Max? ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ The iPhone XR is being released at $749, with an all-screen design. With the new Liquid Retina, the most advanced LCD in the industry, Apple has created an insanely good option for a lower…

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World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases ft. What’s Inside!

The World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases, with What’s Inside as a special guest!! Dan and Lincoln help me rate the weirdest iPhone cases ever – this is part of a new series where I check out the Top 5 weirdest, expensive, strangest, and DOPEST tech out there. Comment down below what you want to see next! ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ Poptart Case: Purse Case: Ferrari Case: Cat Case: Kate Spade Case: #TechSmartt #What’sInside #TechTop5 PB JAMS 🎧🎶…

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iPhone XS vs XS Max – Which To Buy?

The 2018 Apple Keynote just wrapped, we got the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR – but which one is the best smartphone to buy? Here are my thoughts on the next generation iPhones with the boss iPhone XS Max in Gold 512GB coming to my hands soon! Snazzy: ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ At the 2018 Apple Keynote on September 12th they unveiled 3 new iPhones, including a new iPhone XS, a supersized version called the iPhone…

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The Final Apple Watch 4 Rumors – Is This It?

The Apple Watch Series 4 is seeing HUGE changes this year! I go over recent leaks & rumors before the 2018 Apple Keynote on September 12th – will you buy the completely redesigned Apple Watch 4? Comment below ⬇ TechSmartt Livestream: ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ The Apple Watch 4 leaks and rumors say we’re in for a bigger display, with less bezel and more screen, a bigger battery, AND a potential “official” sleep tracking app! The Apple Watch…

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Could This Be The Last iPhone XS Rumor..?

When is the new iPhone XS Max coming out? Will the iPhone XS come in blue? I go through some recent rumors and release date of the new iPhone XS, Max, and potentially less expensive iPhone XR/XC… What do you think about these names – leave a comment ⬇ TechSmartt Livestream: ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ We’re expecting to see three new iPhones this year at the 2018 Apple Keynote on September 12th, including a new iPhone X, a…

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$95 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – How Bad Is It?

I do an unboxing and review of a $95 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 knockoff clone and compare it to the original $999 Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The S-pen on the fake Note 9 doesn’t work with it! Lets see how this fake compares to Apple’s iPhone Xs Max clone soon!” Get a REAL Note 9 here: ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ The Samsung Galaxy Note9, with more storage and up to 8GB RAM…. it’s available now! The immersive stereo…

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Google Pixel 3 XL? Next YouTube Meetup? – AskTechSmartt with iGyaan

Starting up a monthly Q&A on Twitter! This episode I meet-up with my first Indian Tech YouTuber friend, iGyaan, to talk Google Pixel 3 XL rumors and leaks, Fornite vs PUBG on smartphones AND the next YouTube meetup in India! Check out iGyaan: 9 Pros And Cons Of The Galaxy Note 9 Feat. TechSmartt: ➽Subscribe (only if you’re new) ➽ We talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and our official/honest reviews, the new Apple iPhone XS and iGyaan teaches…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Why’d You Wait?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the best smartphone or the worst? I unbox and review the newest Galaxy Note 9, comparing it to the best smartphones of 2018 and get some YouTubers’ thoughts on it! I think you guys are really gunna be surprised…🧠 ➽Subscribe if you’re new!! ➽  Galaxy Note 9: The Galaxy Note 9 is a more than capable smartphone, if you’re looking for a insane, all-in-one phone you’ve found it. This thing is a monster and can…

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The $605 Refurbished iMac from Wish…?

I bought a $605 refurbished iMac from… is it fake or was it worth it? Make sure to check out my last video on the HP Omen: HP Omen X 17T laptop: HP Omen Laptops: HP Omen Accessories: These are affiliate links, I use MagicLinks for all my ready-to-shop product links. Check it out here: ➽Subscribe if you’re new!! ➽  #Wish #iMac Refurbished Wish iMac: I unbox and review the iMac, showing you guys a potentially better option for getting…

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