Weekly Wrapup 123 – New Macbooks, VPN services, Firefox vs. Chrome, and more

See all of this week’s mentioned videos: – This week I give my thoughts on the new Macbook, VPN services, Firefox, and eating old stuff. Visit Amazon’s gadget gift center: (affiliate link) and subscribe! VIDEO INDEX: 00:22 – Week in review 01:39 – On My Mind: More USB-C confusion 02:47 – New Macbook Pro opinion 04:58 – Why no Firefox on the channel? 06:40 – Q&A: VPN services and recommendations 08:52 – Q&A: Eat 33 year old gum? No thanks…

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Weekly Wrapup 111 – Kangaroo Pro PC Giveaway, Is 4k Worth it? AVS NES Console, Project Cars VR

See this week’s mentioned and related videos here: – This week I announce a new giveaway of the Kangaroo Pro PC, talk about 4k TVs, more thoughts on VR and sit down games, and more. VIDEO INDEX: 00:36 – Week in review 02:51 – News : Nintendo removed archive.org Nintendo Power archive 03:43 – News: AVS released: NES / Famicom compatible console 05:40 – Q&A : Is 4k worth it? 08:18 – Q&A : Lack of Android updates 10:12 –…

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Opinion: Fair Use on YouTube Explained and Why Small Creators are Disadvantaged

This video includes some content from Weekly Wrapup #114 but also adds some additional commentary on what happens to small creators when others steal our work. The process unfortunately is not as easy for the little guys and gals as it is for big corporations. See the video I referenced here: The situation described in that video is something that impacts all of your favorite product reviewers on the platform. Unlike big corporations us smaller creators do not have access…

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Weekly Wrapup 155 – Finding new gadgets, Varied niche hardware opinions, no Chrome on 10 S

See all of this week’s mentioned videos at – This week I report on some things I found at a Pepcom gadget show in NYC, look at the varied opinions of niche hardware, and talk about why Chrome and Firefox won’t be on Windows 10 S. Subscribe for more ! 00:09 – Patreon Thank Yous 00:27 – Channel view and subscriber milestones 00:48 – Non-Ad : Blue Apron meals this week – 02:02 – Week in Review: Extra’s channel 02:40…

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Famebit banned me for asking tough questions – Why influencer marketing is broken.

Covering this story got me banned from Famebit even before the video was posted! But it needs to be told. Influencer marketing must change and brands need to be more careful about how they spend their dollars with influencer marketing firms. See related videos here: This whole issue started last year when Famebit emailed me offering $250 to do a positive review of the Ring Doorbell. I turned down the offer when the person representing Famebit said that the review…

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Kickstarter Needs to Change – The Curious Tale of the Zano $3.4 Million Drone

Kickstarter says they’re not a store – but they need to start working harder for the backer community. Here’s a story I experienced recently involving the Zano drone, a failed $3.4 million project that I backed. Read more at Ars Technica: Backers received a very short notification last month that the company was going into liquidation. A second communication told us that we were not entitled to any portion of the company’s remaining assets. Kickstarter, instead of fighting for the…

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Weekly Wrapup 156 – SNES Classic a Holiday Marketing Gimmick? WD Ships Non-Compliant USB-C? & more:

See all of this week’s mentioned content: – This week on the wrapup I analyze the new Mini SNES Classic Edition, look at non-compliant USB-C adapters, Laser vs. ink jet printers, and USB SSDs vs. USB Flash drives. Plus new studio cameras! Subscribe for more: — index below: VIDEO INDEX: 00:08 – Patreon Thank Yous 00:41 – Amazon Warehouse Deals – 02:01 – Week in review 05:09 – On My Mind : Week 16 now true 1080p! 07:28 – New…

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Weekly Wrapup 122 – Google buys Famebit, Nintendo Switch, Alexa in your life?

See all of this week’s mentioned videos here: – This week I share my thoughts on Google’s acquisition of Famebit, the Nintendo Switch and how poorly they treat content creators, routers that run Plex servers, and wonder about Alexa in your life. VIDEO INDEX: 00:38 – Week in review 02:21 – Q&A: Nintendo Switch thoughts 05:25 – Speculation: Will the Nintendo Switch run Android? 06:24 – Q&A: Google buys Famebit 11:59 – Q&A: Netgear Nighthawk X10 Router runs Plex server…

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Weekly Wrapup 158 – My experience as a local Comcast regulator, Net Neutrality action day, and more:

It’s Prime Day – (affiliate link) See all of this week’s mentioned videos: – This week I talk about the latest net neutrality fight, my experience as a local cable TV regulator, and your questions answered! Subscribe for more ! — Index below: VIDEO INDEX: 00:10 – Patreon Thank yous 00:25 – Non Ad: Amazon Prime Day – (aff. link) 01:00 – Week in Review 02:55 – Week 18 Vlog : CE Week 2017 This Week 03:40 – News: Net…

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Weekly Wrapup 148 – Fyre Festival & YouTube Payola, China Phone Spyware & More

See all of this week’s mentioned content here – – This week I look at the Fyre Festival as a cautionary tale of payola content, ask you about how to handle prior brand privacy issues. Subscribe for more! VIDEO INDEX: 00:38 – Week in review 02:57 – On My Mind: Full Time Job Vlog 04:34 – On My Mind: Octane Benchmark Alternative 05:59 – View prior benchmarks at 06:31 – On My Mind: Mario Kart 8 and my surprising love…

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