Mac Apps

Unbelievably Useful Mac Apps #3

Want to stop iTunes from popping up when your charge your iPhone? Sponsor: Blizz – Win a $25 iTunes gift card: Some cool accessories: – OSX Shortcuts Keyboard Cover – – Lap Desk – – Magnetic Privacy Screen Filter – Studio gear: People ask about these a lot, so here: – Swinging Sticks Sculpture: – Levitating Moon: – Digital Art Screens: Today’s Apps: – Make OSX great again – Web2desk – convert sites to apps – ControlAir – Pastebot –…

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Unbelievably Useful Mac Apps

Buy Webroot: This video lists some lesser known, but insanely useful, Mac apps. You *might’ve* heard of one or two, but I’m sure there’s a bunch here you’re going to love. If you are looking for increased productivity, better battery life for your MacBook, a more organized workspace or just some fun new enhancements this video is for you. Note: Webroot sponsored this video! Mentioned Apps: DeskCover – concentrate on one app at a time Magnet – control and arrange…

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