How to Improve AM Radio Reception

– – I still listen to AM radio, don’t you? I grew up listening to AM – and I used to host a show there back in the day. One of my favorite shows is only found on AM radio – Coast to Coast AM. However, the reception isn’t that great. Distributed by Tubemogul. source

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Maximal Wall Radio – A QUICK-EXTRA-VID

[youtube] A look at an unusual picture frame radio from the 1980s. Yes – *****EVERYONE KNOWS***** FM is alive and well in the US and FM is currently broadcasting pretty much everywhere apart from Norway (at the time of typing this message). However *many countries* do have *plans* to switch it off at *some point in the future* – to free up the spectrum for other uses (really so they can sell it off and make a load of…

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Design Classic: Grundig Ocean Boy 210 Radio

A quick look at the Grundig Ocean Boy 210 radio from 1970. Also known as the Transistor 3005 in some countries. A previous Design Classic video can be found here: My radio came from eBay: This site is a good resource for old Grundig Radios (and they sell some too) FAQs The song on the radio at 05:50 is ‘Jailbird’ by Shells Lots of people are suggesting that you can use a FM transmitter when/if FM is switched off. I…

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