VinylVideo – Playing video from a 45rpm record

With a VinylVideo convertor you can play video from a vinyl record played on a standard record player. Curiosity, tech-demo or art? LINKS BELOW (expand this text box to view): New VinylVideo Website – (You can order a set from here) Early Mechanical TV & Baird Phonovision – Holgar Czukay Cinema Box Set (includes a VinylVideo disc: (Affiliated Link) Original 1990s VinylVideo Website: Supersense Vienna – Main site: Files/Source code etc: Special thanks to record collector Randy Riddle who made…

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Circuit bending: Hacking a Furby in the name of music

Circuit bending consists of dismantling toys, household objects and synths in order to rebuild them as new instruments. To most people, old toys like a Furby are just toys, but for musicians who circuit bend, these are instruments waiting to happen. In this episode of The Future of Music, Dani Deahl visited Sam Battle, also know as Look Mum No Computer. He is at the forefront of the circuit bending scene and creates the top circuit bent instruments out of…

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