Storage and Media

Storage & Media

It’s not often that our computers and laptops come with enough memory built right into the machine and you can’t always email files and photos because they’re bigger than 10MB.

Thankfully, you have options with memory cards, USB memory sticks, blank CDs and a whole lot more so you never have to delete files or photos to make room for more.

Blank CDs and DVDs are a great way to store files such as family pictures, music, home movies or financial records.

USB flash drives are a compact and convenient way to take files with you on-the-go, to class or an important business presentation.

They are re-writable and inexpensive. Lastly, you could invest in special equipment for extra storage such as memory card readers, CD and DVD writers or installable memory for your computer or laptop.

The choices are endless! Take a look at the kind of storage and blank media offers we have from a range of retailers like Amazon, eBay and Misco and snag an amazing deal today.

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