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We test AMD’s monster 1950X CPU

AMD’s 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen Threadripper 1950X ($999 on Amazon) is an angry Godzilla stomping his way through downtown Tokyo. Those puny 8-core, 6-core, and 4-core CPUs? They’re just tanks and army trucks to be punted across the city.  Yes, it’s that good. But before you buy, there’s a lot you need to know about what is arguably the most powerful consumer CPU ever unleashed upon mankind. Gordon Mah Ung/IDG AMD’s 16-core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is arguably the most powerful consumer…

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Surface Laptop review: Prices, features, benchmarks

Updated 07/18/2017: We’ve upgraded the Surface Laptop to Windows 10 Pro to run traditional benchmarks, and the results are…interesting. Click the Performance section in the TOC, or simply jump to this link, to see to all the numbers.  Our Surface Laptop review considers Microsoft’s new notebook in three ways: first, as a stylish ultrabook, designed to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air on college campuses. It’s also a showcase for Windows 10 S, limiting users to Windows Store apps but with…

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Troubleshoot and recover a Mac with a failed drive

Hard drives failures can happen to anyone, including Mac 911 columnists. A relatively new hard drive bit the dust, requiring days of work to get back to status quo ante. My wife has a 2011-era MacBook Pro and was barely keeping space free on its original 512GB hard drive. An upgrade made sense, and for a machine of that vintage, the cost of a 1TB SSD seemed too high. We opted for an affordable hard drive. I used a USB…

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Our picks for the best mechanical keyboard

Choosing a gaming keyboard is a matter of personal taste. One person could be into Cherry Browns and white backlighting. Another might favor Razer Greens and a rippling RGB glow. Gigantic wrist pads, compact shapes, numeric keypads, macro keys, volume controls—a plethora of keyboards exists because everyone wants a different mix of features. To help you sort through the many options, we’ve sifted through the latest and greatest planks to come up with our top recommendations. All of these are…

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iPhone 9 News: UK Price, Release Date, Features & Tech Specs

What’s the future of the smartphone? When will the iPhone 9 be released in the UK, and how different will it look from today’s smartphones in terms of features, design and tech specs? At Macworld we spend a lot of time wondering about the next generation of Apple devices. (If you share our curiosity, take a look at our iPhone 8, iPad mini 5, iPad Pro 2, Apple Watch 3 and Apple Car rumour articles, and our What will Apple…

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How to download Netflix movies on Mac: Watch your favourite shows offline

On iPad or iPhone, it’s easy to download Netflix shows and movies to watch offline, but what if you want to do so on a Mac? Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do so, but there is a way. Here, we show you how.  Disclaimer: The method described in this article violates Netflix’s terms and conditions. We would never advise you do so as it could lead to termination of your subscription, but if you aren’t concerned about doing so…

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How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper or Screensaver on a Mac

Apple may make some of the best-looking devices on the planet, but most of us still seek ways to personalise them. With iPhones it’s often cases, as you can see from our Best iPhone 7 cases roundup, but with Macs the choices are a little more limited. You can of course apply a decal to the exterior, or plaster stickers all over it if that’s your thing, but the easiest way is to simply change your desktop wallpaper or screensaver.…

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Download of the day: Spritzlet

If you’re anything like us, you bookmark various interesting articles and webpages throughout the day, but thanks to the dual temptations of the sofa and TV, never find the time to actually read them. That’s where Spritzlet comes in. This little browser extension slashes the time it takes to read text on a screen by displaying words one at a time in quick succession (a technique known as Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) so you can absorb them without moving your…

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Speed up Windows 10: Tips for a fas

Your computer is slow. Annoyingly slow. You can add RAM, or buy a faster SSD, but that costs money. No, the first thing you should do is try to make Windows faster. Thus we present nine ways to speed up your Windows 10 PC without spending a dime. Be warned: There’s always a trade-off. More speed may mean less battery life, or even giving up a beloved program. You’ll have to decide what sacrifices you’re willing to make in order…

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HP Spectre x2 review

Our review of HP’s Spectre x2 12.3-inch 2-in-1 tablet begins with a simple question: Can HP continue its tradition of being an elegant, yet durable alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Pro flagship? The answer is Yes. HP took the best bits from its Elite x2 tablet and the first-generation Spectre x2 tablet (2015), then updated the new Spectre x2 with the latest Kaby Lake chips. The Spectre x2 gives you more features for the money than the Surface Pro: Our $1,300 review unit included both the…

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How to stream media from your PC to your HDTV over Wi-Fi

Say you have a nice collection of media on your PC in one room, but you’d like to be able to view it on your nice big TV in another room. Windows offers a simple way to do that over Wi-Fi.  There’s actually an open standard for sharing media files across a home network. It’s called the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), and you probably already have everything you need to use it. There’s also a second, and newer, standard…

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Reolink Argus review: Great smart security camera for those on a budget

While a few years ago smart security cameras would set you back hundreds of pounds, technology has advanced so much that you can buy smart security cameras like the Reolink Argus for less than £100. But does a budget price tag mean a compromise on the quality of the camera itself? We’ve spent some time with the impressive Reolink Argus smart security camera, and here’s what we think about it. Spoiler: price doesn’t always reflect quality.   Reolink Argus: UK…

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Moto X4 Review: Hands-On with Motorola’s Impressive New Mid-Range Phone

Motorola’s mid-range X series of smartphones is back with the new Moto X4, which follows 2015’s Moto X Play, X Style and X Force line-up. This time, Motorola has opted to go back to just the one model to keep things simpler, and it’s certainly a compelling new offering with plenty of interesting and impressive features. Take a closer look at the Moto X4 in our hands-on review. Moto X4 price and availability Starting at £349, the Moto X4 firmly…

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LG V30 News: Release Date, UK Price, Specs & Features

Successor to the LG V20, which was the first non-Google phone to run Android Nougat, the LG V30 was announced this morning in Berlin at the IFA tradeshow. Highlights include a 6in 18:9 FullVision OLED screen, a large-aperture dual-camera, Hi-Fi Quad DAC and the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. When is the LG V30 release date? Rumours were a little off about the release date as it will arrive a week earlier than expected on 21 September. However, that’s in South…

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LG V30 Review: Hands-on with the Phone the G6 Should Have Been

It was no surprise whatsoever that LG launched the new V30 at IFA 2017 in Berlin. We’ve been able to spend a couple of days with a sample so here’s our in-depth LG V30 hands-on review.  LG isn’t one to keep its phone a secret right up until the launch event and so not only confirmed the name ahead of time, but various specs and features and well. LG V30 price and release date It’s not been confirmed yet, but…

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Apple AR Glasses News: UK Release Date, Features & Patents

The rumour that Apple is developing an AR headset aren’t new; rumours of such a device have been circulating for well over two years. But things heated up in June 2017, when the announcement of ARKit at WWDC 2017 made it clear that Apple is deeply interested in this area. And no surprise: with Google and Microsoft developing AR devices, it seems like a party Apple can’t afford to miss. Is Apple making a pair of AR glasses? And what would it look like? In this feature,…

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Best external drives of 2017

External drives are a vital piece of hardware for backing up your data or copying a project from your PC to take with you. Anyone who uses a desktop or laptop computer needs one. To help you sift through the stacks of external storage options, we’ve combed through our reviews of both external hard disks and SSDs to pick the top drives we’ve tested. We’ll also walk you through what you need to know to buy the best external drive…

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The thinnest, fastest gaming laptop

The  Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) Zephyrus GX501 had us at “GTX 1080 graphics in a five-pound laptop that’s almost as thin as a MacBook Pro 15.” Pound for pound, this is the most powerful portable gaming laptop on earth today. But to get this much performance in a laptop this portable, some big compromises have been made. IDG/Gordon Mah Ung How thin? That’s an Alienware 15 R4 on the left with the Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 in the middle…

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