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YouTube stars get screen time at Buffer Festival

Matt Santoro has more YouTube subscribers than Barack Obama. If you don’t know his name, you aren’t among the 2.75 million who gets his weekly videos listing fun facts, like the 10 most fascinating archaeological digs or inventors who were killed by their own inventions. The 29-year-old St. Catharines resident is one of the attractions at this weekend’s second annual Buffer Festival, a three-day event celebrating YouTube content in theatres across Toronto. It hosts theatrical screenings, video premieres and red…

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Garmin vívofit jr 2 is a Disney-themed activity tracker for kids

It’s never too early to get kids started with a fitness routine and here to help is the Garmin vivofit jr. 2. This activity tracker is designed specifically for kids; it comes with Disney-themed designs including ones featuring Minnie Mouse, Star Wars First Order, Avengers, BB-8, Captain America, and The Resistance. The vivofit jr. 2 is designed to track kids’ activity, encouraging them to be active for at least 60 minutes every day as a promotion for good health. Garmin…

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The big idea: 3 reasons to be kind to educators

Any dedicated educator can tell you: A teaching job extends far beyond the hours of the school day. Molding the minds of future leaders while simultaneously ferrying them across the rapids of childhood and adolescence — and dealing with the economics of the job — is a calling not for the faint of heart. Here are three solid reasons to give teachers the love and support they deserve. 1. Being a teacher is tough (just about everywhere) Loving teaching and…

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SUSE Studio Merges Open Build Service to create SUSE Studio Express

If you’ve never heard of SUSE Studio, it’s a service offered by SUSE that allows users to create their own respins of their GNU/Linux Operating System; OBS, is a tool designed for easing package distribution. Both tools use the same engine, and so SUSE has decided to merge the two into one product and rebrand the system, “SUSE Studio Express” Andreas Jaeger, an author for the SUSE blog published an article the merger. In it, Jaeger writes, “Reviewing these offerings…

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How to Use Low Power Mode on an iPhone (and What Exactly It Does)

Your iPhone has a “Low Power Mode”, which you’ll be prompted to activate it when your phone reaches 20% battery. However, you can enable it before that point to stretch your battery life further. Starting with iOS 11, you can also activate Low Power Mode right from the Control Center. Low Power Mode disables settings like mail fetch, Hey Siri, and other things that people commonly change when they want to make their iPhones live longer between charges. For whatever reason, Low…

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Best AR experiences for social media right now!

Looking to add a little pop of AR to your social media? Here are the best augmented reality experiences available so far! When you think of augmented reality, depending on your age and your exposure to online shenanigans, your opinions and thoughts on it might be incredibly varied — but one place where AR is fun for everyone? Social media! It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with a simple dog filter, using your phone to explore and catch Pokémon, or…

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Building a NASA-Themed Mechanical Keyboard

My obsession with custom mechanical keyboards is well-established at this point. I don’t technically need more keyboards. So, if I’m going to add to my collection, I want to make sure it’s something distinctive and cool. I began making plans some months ago for a particularly fun keyboard build–a homage to NASA and retro computing. The result is one of the most satisfying (and beautiful) typing experiences I’ve ever had. Classic Inspiration There was a time when every keyboard was…

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LG V30 Let’s Know What Size to Expect

The LG V30 will finally go on sale in the US next week, but at almost the same exact time, we’ll get our first official look at Google’s new Pixel 2 XL. That’s worth noting since the Pixel 2 XL is a phone we believe to be similar in specs and design to LG’s latest. And we believe that because we know LG made the Pixel 2 XL and is thought to have used the same 6-inch POLED display. So…

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How To Use Skyrim Nexus? Top 10 Best Skyrim Nexus Mods

If you are a die-hard fan of Skyrim then you must have heard or even used the Skyrim Nexus mods. Nexus mods are quite helpful and you can actually expand and enhance the gaming experience using mods. These mods enable you to update and enhance the graphics of the games, improve the user interface if needed, make the game harder or easier, improve sound, fix the bugs that exist in the game, add content like, monsters, quests, classes and so on. there…

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GDS’s next top model contract

Back in July 2016, we published a blog post setting out our vision for government contracts in the digital age. We said that simplifying contracts and hosting them online would encourage a more diverse range of suppliers to apply to offer their services to government. It would also help the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to provide public sector buyers with the best possible commercial deals for goods and services. We want contracts that meet the needs of buyers and suppliers,…

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