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iPhone 8 Plus’ camera hyped by Apple in new ad

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives. Now, that looks professional. Apple; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET There’s no point waiting for people to get excited about the iPhone X. You have to keep selling the phones you already have. Especially as — so I was told by an Apple store employee — the iPhone 8’s camera is just as good as that of the X. On Saturday, Apple released an ad…

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London election debate shows tech doesn’t exist separate from society | Startups

Five of the London mayoral candidates gathered yesterday to debate the city’s fastest-growing sector: technology. All of them were keen to woo the techie crowd at Here East, a ‘digital campus’ in the former Olympic Park: frontrunners Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith but also Sian Berry (Green), Caroline Pidgeon (Lib Dems) and Peter Whittle (UKIP). Goldsmith said he does not use Uber as he doesn’t like “unfair competition” © Twitter/Sadiq Khan However those expecting fireworks would have been disappointed as…

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What cloud computing jobs pay

Thanks to compensation consultancy PayScale, we now have salary figures for a variety of cloud jobs, with ranges for roles, company size, and years of experience. So, what’s hot and what’s not? If you want to make the most money from your cloud job, the best-paid positions are: enterprise IT (cloud) architect, with a median salary of $138,051 senior cloud solutions architect, with a median salary of $132,092 cloud solutions architect, with a median salary of $122,593 IT architect, with…

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Intel Unveils Ice Lake, Its Second 10-Nanometer Chip Architecture After Cannon Lake: What We Know So Far : TECH : Tech Times

Five crazy CIA programmes you won’t believe actually existed Intel has now confirmed that Ice Lake is going to follow Cannon Lake as its second chip architecture under the 10-nanometer process. Release date, specific gains, and other details remain uncertain.  ( Intel ) In an unusual turn of events, Intel just teased the future of its mainstream desktop and laptop processors, confirming that “Ice Lake” is its second chip architecture after Cannon Lake, both of which are under the 10-nanometer…

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Google Prepares to Brief Congress on Its Role in Election

Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia and vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, sharply criticized Twitter for not aggressively investigating its own systems to provide a more complete picture of Russian activities. The sharp rebuke of Twitter came after Facebook’s admission to the two intelligence panels that it had connected 470 profiles and pages to a Russian company with ties to the Kremlin. Facebook also said the pages had placed 3,000 ads on Facebook at a cost of about $100,000.…

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Three impossibly beautiful assemblage clock-sculptures / Boing Boing

Keiko Otsuhata created a set of three “anatomical fish zip-bags” for Colossal, in kinme, saury, and sea bream. They’re $18 each. READ THE REST Casa Jasmina (previously) is a groundbreaking experiment in human-centered, open source home automation, the birthplace of the Internet of Women’s Things — built in Torino, Italy by Boing Boing pals Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling with the help of the Arduino organization, Casa Jasmina pushed the boundaries of what a home-automation system would be like […]…

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Super Mario Run is available for $5 on the App Store and Google Play

Today’s a great day to get addicted to Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first real mobile game. The company just dropped this popular app to $5 on the App Store and Google Play—or 50 percent off of the normal $10 price.  This deal includes the game plus 20 rally tickets, 3,000 coins, and one question mark block decoration. The sale lasts until October 12. Super Mario Run is free to download but works on the freemium model. You can play the…

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Welcome To The Age Of Cheap Overseas Information

As ad dollars that used to fund journalism pour into the coffers of Facebook and Google, the information business is experiencing a trend familiar to other American industries: The product they produce is now competing with cheaper versions coming from overseas. Content farmers in the Philippines, Pakistan, Macedonia (of course), and beyond are launching websites and Facebook pages aimed at Americans in niches such as politics, mental health, marijuana, American muscle cars, and more. Based on Facebook engagement and other…

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Security firm finds some Macs vulnerable to ‘firmware’ attacks

(Reuters) – Since 2015, Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has tried to protect its Mac line of computers from a form of hacking that is extremely hard to detect, but it has not been entirely successful in getting the fixes to its customers, according to research released on Friday by Duo Security. Duo examined what is known as firmware in the Mac computers. Firmware is an in-built kind of software that is even more basic than an operating system like Microsoft Windows…

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HSBC Beta app will ‘nudge’ over-spenders

Image copyright PA HSBC UK is testing a new smartphone app that will help people track what they spend money on, and will “nudge” them if they exceed their spending limits. Customers will also be able to add accounts from 21 rivals including Lloyds and NatWest, to keep track of all their balances in one app. The app will be trialled with 10,000 customers before launching in 2018. Similar money-tracking features have proved popular for smaller start-up banks such as…

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