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5 productivity boosting tools to get more done in less time

In today’s fast-paced business environment, productivity is king. Even though we are clocked in for eight hours (or more) each day, most people are actually only productive for about three of them. Blame it on the smartphone, an unhealthy diet, sleeping habits, or frequent coffee breaks, there is no denying that productivity is an issue in the workplace. Everyone wants to get more done in less time and with less effort, but most of us don’t know where to begin.…

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How to Know When Someone Opens Your Sent Emails Using Gmail Read Receipts

The two blue ticks under a WhatsApp message let you know when someone read your message. Why can’t email have that, too? It’d be nice to know when someone has opened and read your emails, wouldn’t it? Not knowing can contribute a small amount to email stress 6 Simple Tricks to Reduce Email Stress 6 Simple Tricks to Reduce Email Stress Dealing with email is the best part of my day. Said no one ever. You need all the tips you…

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Tesla says world’s largest battery installation is halfway done

At a Jamestown, South Australia event on Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company was halfway done installing a 100MW/129MWh utility-grade battery bank near the site of the 100MW Hornsdale Wind Farm. The battery bank will be the largest grid-tied system in the world when it’s complete. (Currently, the largest grid-tied system is a 30MW/120MWh facility built by AES Energy Storage in Southern California.) The project grew out of a Twitter bet between Australian software billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes…

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Here’s what quantum computing is and why it matters

Researchers for IBM, Google, Intel, and others are in a fantastic scientific arms race to build a commercially viable quantum computer. They already exist in laboratories, and we’re only a few years away from the beginning of what may turn out to be an entire shift in how we think about computing. A typical computer, like the one inside the phone or laptop you’re reading this on, is a binary system, basically a yes/no device. The most amazing thing about…

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Apple Shows Off iPhone 8 Plus Portrait Lighting Mode In New Video

Apple has posted a new video to its YouTube channel, this time showing off the Portrait Lighting mode feature of its newly released iPhone 8 Plus. The video is not the company’s longest video, weighing in at just over half a minute, but covers the new capabilities afforded by a feature that is already proving popular with new iPhone owners. The video covers the new options afforded by the Portrait Lighting feature including Studio Light, Natural Light, Contour Light, Stage Light,…

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September 2017 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Here in the U.S., it has has been a wild and wooly month, with a one-two hurricane punch that has millions of people on the Texas coast, in Florida, and in the Caribbean islands struggling to recover from the damage and destruction brought by Harvey and Irma. From an IT perspective, the storms were eye openers for many network admins responsible for disaster recovery planning and preparation, as some organizations found their server rooms or data centers destroyed by wind…

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Can Technology-Augmented Academic Advising Improve College Graduation Rates?

According to a 2016 report by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, only 40 percent of students finish their bachelor’s degree within four years, and only 60 percent graduate from the college they began at within six years of starting. And while gaps in graduation rates across “race and ethnicity are narrowing,” those based on “gender and income are increasing.” At the EdSurge meetup in Oakland on September 27, four panelists pondered questions about changing those statistics, and whether…

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Google Apps Script: Make Row Taller on Form Submit

If you use Google Forms (ha “if”, of course you use Google Forms) you may format the spreadsheet of results the way you like it. However, when a new Form submission comes in a row is INSERTED so the formatting you set doesn’t apply. Any easy (no for real) way to fix this is to code a trigger on Form submit that applies the formatting to your newly inserted row. Step 1: Make a Google Form Step 2: Create…

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Google Assistant makes the headphone connection

Google Assistant is a remarkable piece of technology, allowing natural voice input to trigger any one of a vast array of systems and functionality on your mobile and other devices. Google have uploaded some new videos that display Assistant working on headphones. Unlike your phone or Google Home devices the headphones are triggered by a simple button press to enable the Assistant, then any of the normal functionality you would expect is available. Like your phone or Google Home devices,…

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