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How Much Does It Cost Apple To Build A HomePod Speaker? It’s $216 Per Unit : Tech : Tech Times

Apple’s new home assistant Apple HomePod Assembling the Apple HomePod smart speaker was estimated at $216 per unit, hinting that the product is not a money maker for the company. Curiously, repairing the device could prove costlier than building it, set at $279.  ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images ) Apple sells the HomePod smart speaker at $349 per piece but reportedly pockets only a slim profit. Building the new product, the company spends $216 for every unit. According to analytics…

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How to Monitor Fake News

The government should require social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to use a similar open application programming interface. This would make it possible for third parties to build software to monitor and report on the effects of social media algorithms. (This idea has been proposed by Wael Ghonim, the Egyptian Google employee who helped organize the Tahrir Square uprising in 2011.) To be clear, the proposal is not to force companies to open up their algorithms — just the…

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A field guide to the incredible scissors of Japan / Boing Boing

Yasukuni Notomi (“a writer who has covered the world of stationery for many years”) provides an introduction to the creative explosion in Japanese scissor-design, beginning with the “Pencut,” a scissor that fits in a normal pencil-case, with retractable elastic loops for your fingers and full-length blades so you don’t sacrifice power for portability. A successor design, the Stickyle Scissors, dispenses with the loops by springloading the scissors so they open after every squeeze, like tinsnips. In contrast to these ultra-portables,…

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HBO’s hit ‘Silicon Valley’ drops a new trailer for Season 5

What’s life going to be like for the Silicon Valley gang, sans Erlich Bachman? Following last season’s departure of TJ Miller, who plays Bachman, fans have likely wondered what Season 5 will look like — especially without that priceless tension between him and Jian Yang. HBO dropped a trailer for the upcoming season on Tuesday, and well, it’d certainly appear the rivalries are staying the same. Pied Piper is still butting heads with Hooli, and its founder Richard Hendricks, played…

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App helps to curb food waste, local hunger Video

Now Playing: Survivors of the Florida high school shooting travel to Tallahassee Now Playing: Lawyer pleads guilty to making false statements to special counsel Now Playing: Haunting images show classrooms after deadly Florida school shooting Now Playing: Comfort dogs dispatched to Florida after deadly school shooting Now Playing: A study reveals new information about heart attacks and women younger than 55 Now Playing: Tornado damages homes in Texas as ice storms kill at least 6 on the roads Now Playing:…

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Budget Overclocking Guide: Ryzen 3 2200G

Today we’ll be overclocking AMD’s Ryzen 3 2200G to the max with a $20 air cooler from DeepCool called the Gammaxx 200T. Now, you might be questioning the idea of splurging on an aftermarket cooler for a Raven Ridge APU that only costs $100 itself and already ships with the Wraith Stealth heatsink that is sufficient for mild overclocks. However, we’ve been keen to see how much more can be extracted from the APU when using an upgraded heatsink and…

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Warhorse promises Kingdom Come: Deliverance save system fix

Developer Warhorse Studios has pledged to revise the controversial save game system in its role-playing epic Kingdom Come: Deliverance, following considerable player backlash over the inability to save except through the use of expensive and intoxicating in-game items or beds tied to physical locations. Released earlier this month, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been praised as ‘a massive, cavernously deep, and hugely varied RPG, one that’s in many ways thoughtfully designed and also possesses a surprising amount of heart‘ while simultaneously…

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Bill Gates to guest star on The Big Bang Theory next month

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will appear as himself on The Big Bang Theory next month. The episode, which CNN reports will air in late March, will see Penny (Kaley Cuoco) hosting Gates at work, with her friends trying to do everything to meet him. The show is full of tech-obsessed characters, who will no doubt be excited to see superhero Bill Gates appear. It’s not clear if Gates’ appearance will be brief, or a star role throughout the episode, but…

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Call me Mr Monster Hunter: the man who guided a Japanese curiosity to global success | Games

Wherever you looked in Japan in 2008, someone was bent over a tiny PlayStation Portable games console (PSP) – and that someone was probably playing Monster Hunter. From clusters of young people playing on groomed lawns outside universities to suited salarymen on packed trains, the game had friends, family and work colleagues banding together to track and fight gigantic fantasy creatures. You had a good chance of finding a game to join if you pulled out your PSP in any…

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