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Bipedal Robot Cassie Cal Learns to Juggle

There’s no particular reason why knowing how to juggle would be a useful skill for a robot. Despite this, robots are frequently taught how to juggle things. Blind robots can juggle, humanoid robots can juggle, and even drones can juggle. Why? Because juggling is hard, man! You have to think about a bunch of different things at once, and also do a bunch of different things at once, which this particular human at least finds to be overly stressful. While…

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A 10-point plan to reboot the data industrial complex for the common good – TechCrunch

A posthumous manifesto by Giovanni Buttarelli, who until his death this summer was Europe’s chief data protection regulator, seeks to join the dots of surveillance capitalism’s rapacious colonization of human spaces, via increasingly pervasive and intrusive mapping and modelling of our data, with the existential threat posed to life on earth by manmade climate change. In a dense document rich with insights and ideas around the notion that “data means power” — and therefore that the unequally distributed data-capture capabilities…

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Scientists create slippery toilet coating that stops poo sticking

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Researchers say the fresh water used to flush the world’s toilets each day is six times Africa’s total consumption Researchers in the US say they have created an ultra-slippery toilet coating that could help save vast quantities of water around the world. Scientists at Penn State University say the… This is only a snippet of article written by Read Full Article

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Our Land Is Burning And Western Science Doesn’t Have All The Answers

Last week’s catastrophic fires on Australia’s east coast – and warnings of more soon to come – will become all too common as climate change gathers pace. And as the challenges of modern hazard reduction become clear, there is much to learn from the ancient Aboriginal practice of burning country. Indigenous people learnt to use fire skillfully and to their advantage, including to moderate bushfires. Most of the fires were small and set at dry times of the year, resulting…

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Logitech launches accessibility toolkit that adds to Xbox Adaptive Controller

Logitech has unveiled a new ‘Adaptive Gaming Kit’ featuring 12 buttons and triggers that are compatible with Microsoft’s accessibility-minded Xbox Adaptive Controller. One of the key features of the Adaptive Controller is the fact that it supports a wide variety of third-party inputs, of which Logitech’s new kit takes full advantage. Specifically, Logitech’s buttons can plug into the Adaptive Controller’s 3.5mm jacks, while triggers connect via USB. These can then be mapped to different controller functions to play games on…

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Thousands of Disney+ accounts have been hacked, sold online on dark web: reports – National

Thousands of Disney+ accounts have been hacked and are being sold online on the dark web, according to a report published Monday. Tech news website ZDNet published a story where it had found thousands of Disney+ accounts were either being offered for free or sold online across several hacking forums. Some of the accounts were priced as low as $4 (US$3) to as much as $14.50 (US$11). The cost of a subscription to Disney+ in Canada is $8.99 a month…

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Introducing “Deep Dive Into AI” In-depth Monthly Reports by Byron Reese – Gigaom

Most publications about artificial intelligence are “a mile wide and an inch deep, that’s why we are excited to launch something truly different, in-depth analysis of AI for CXOs, venture capitalists and data scientists alike,” says GigaOm CEO and publisher, Byron Reese. Written monthly by GigaOm publisher and bestselling AI author Byron Reese, each report examines a current AI technology, describes real-world business applications, provides extensive notes about the product ecosystem, and highlights what’s possible with AI today. Subscribers receive…

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Microsoft will integrate DNS over HTTPS in Windows 10

Microsoft revealed plans to integrate native support for DNS over HTTPS in the company’s Windows 10 operating system in November 2019. The announcement was made on Microsoft’s Networking blog on November 17, 2019. DNS over HTTPS is designed to improve privacy, security and the reliability by encrypting DNS queries that are handled in plaintext currently. DNS over HTTPS has been on the rise lately. Mozilla, Google, Opera as as well as several public DNS providers announced support for the standard.…

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How to Track your Study Time with Google Forms and Sheets

In most organizations, employees are required to fill timesheets every week so the company can track the amount of time that people have spent working on various projects and tasks. My kids are in middle/high school and I’ve been looking for a timesheet-style solution that would help me understand their studying patterns and learn how much time they spend on various subjects. There are quite a few apps available for time tracking but I was looking for something simple and…

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The 4 Critical Challenges of Tech Startup PR

In the technology industry, almost more than anywhere else, image is everything. Image is the bedrock part of the “fake it till you make it” culture that animates most of Silicon Valley today. Innovators use it to sell illusions while they figure out the nuts and bolts of their big ideas. Here are four critical challenges of tech startup PR. Without it, companies like Magic Leap would be starved of capital while trying to bring their AR technology to market.…

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How to set up a mobile hotspot on Android

While using your smartphone as your sole internet source is not preferable, there are times when turning your Android phone into a hotspot can really come in handy. Learning how to set up a mobile hotspot on Android may be helpful when your main internet connection goes down, for example. In this post we will show you the ins and outs of setting up a mobile hotspot on Android, so let’s get started. Editor’s note: Please take the time to…

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ET Deals: Samsung Early Black Friday Deals: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO SSD $150, 2TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD $230, Up to 47 Percent off Samsung The Frame 4K QLED TVs

Pick up one of Samsung’s 970 Evo 1TB SSDs and kiss your old HDD goodbye. With one or two of these large SSDs, who really needs to keep a hard drive? Samsung 970 Evo 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD ($149.99) Reading data at 3,500MB/s, this SSD hits the limits of what the M.2 interface is capable of when connected using PCI-E 3.0 lanes. With a total of 1TB of storage capacity, this drive removes any need to have a second drive…

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Apex Launcher Now Pushes Its Own ‘Privacy Browser’ When You Open a Browser App – Droid Life

If anyone still utilizes Apex Launcher, you may have noticed the introduction of an invasive advertising method that prompted users to download and use the launcher developer’s own Privacy Browser app over things like Chrome and Firefox. According to users on reddit, the pop-up in question, which looks a little too much like a system prompt, would appear when you went to open up another browser app. Obviously, it’s a pretty lame move on the part of the publishers behind…

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Top 10 Malware Removal Tools For Windows For Free

In this world of Internet, it is really important to have your PC secured by an anti-malware tool. The malicious files, ransomware, malware, adware, virus, trojans, etc. are present on the internet in a very high number. They can easily get into your system with file or software downloads. This could lead to data theft, identity theft, data loss, system crash and so on. So, it is important for every one of us to protect our PC against all these…

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Irish women will effectively ‘work for free’ for the rest of the year

Equal Pay Day marks the day when women symbolically stop getting paid compared to their male colleagues, due to the gender pay gap. Last week saw the passing of Equal Pay Day in Ireland, which means that, if you look at the gender pay gap, women in Ireland are effectively ‘working for free’ until the end of the year relative to men. That’s according to Dublin-based charity Dress for Success, which is behind the #WorkEqual campaign.  “We have a gender pay gap…

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Disney Plus is open for signups in Australia, Now. – Ausdroid

It’s been a long wait since Disney Plus launched in the US last week with new series like the Mandalorian just out of, well um legal reach. Our epic seven days out in the streaming cold are now at an end with Disney launching their new streaming service Disney Plus today. So if you’ve been waiting to hand over your hard cash to Disney, or like us you simply can’t wait one moment longer to watch some of the original…

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Using Gamification Elements to Create More Engaging Employee Training

While I rarely venture into corporate training content, I found this piece interesting and believe that some of these tips and ideas can also be applied in more traditional education settings. – KW Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game design elements in non-video game environments. The general purpose of gamification in training is to better engage employees and create an experience that is more interesting to them. Gamification can be really addictive, and this is why…

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Thanksgiving Activities That Keep the Learning Going

Teaching the days before big holidays is challenging. Students and teachers alike are ready for a break. Both struggle to pay attention regardless of how innovative and engaging are the lesson plans. I’ve been there often. As a result, I’ve come up with fun ways to support learning while students power through the last few days of school. Here are seven I use during the pre-Thanksgiving season: ASCII Art Time required: Less than one class ASCII Art is the graphic…

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Facebook Bug is Secretly Accessing Your Camera

The Facebook app activates the iPhone camera while users scroll through their news feed, claims a web designer Joshua Maddux. This behavior is not noticed on android-based phones. This was not a one-off glitch as Maddux found after opening the app on 5 different devices running on iOS 13.2.2. Another user found that it was not an issue on iOS 13.1.3. Maddux posted a tweet and video of the camera being active on his feed and said this was due…

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7 Office Communication Tools You Should Be Using

Endless email streams, to-do lists written on sticky notes, files buried deep in an email account…sound familiar? If so, you (and your business) could probably benefit from a few more tools in your communications toolbox. From client and project management to office brainstorming and chitchat, we’ll take a look at the 7 best, most reliable tools for communication in the office and with clients. 1. Employee Chat Long considered to be a time-waster by stickler office environments, intra-company chat apps…

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