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Best Android TV Box on the Planet for All Budgets

Most people may know Android as a mobile operating system, but it has taken over set-top boxes as well. For streaming purposes, Android TV boxes abound. These home media streamers provide an Android ecosystem for entertainment needs. Find out which option is the best Android TV box on the planet! What Is an Android TV Box? An Android TV box Android TV Boxes: What Are They, And What Can They Do? Android TV Boxes: What Are They, And What Can…

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Pokémon Go Events: Here’s what’s next!

Legendary Beast Raids have rotated, Mewtew Raids are (slowly) spreading, Safari Zone Europe continues, and a Halloween Event is on the horizon! Pokémon Go is intended to get you out and about, both on your own and with family and friends. One of the ways Pokémon Go tries to bolster activity is with events. Some of the events get splashy announcements and coincide with big public holidays. Others are quieter and more regular. Here’s what’s happened already and what’s coming…

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Weird Japanese Commercial Has a Spaceship With a Giant Nipple Squirting Milk At Kids

If you remember all the creative “Got Milk?” ads that were so prevalent during the ’90s and the “Milk: It Does a Body Good” campaign before that, maybe this strange Japanese commercial will make more sense. In the latest Japanese TV spot meant to get kids excited about milk apparently, there’s a giant U.F.O. with a huge, weirdly long nipple. It also squirts milk into the mouths of the waiting children below. Okay, that might be a little much to…

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Redfin CTO says artificial intelligence shouldn’t replace real estate agents – GeekWire

Bridget Frey, Redfin chief technology officer. (GeekWire Photo / Nat Levy) Artificial intelligence is set to disrupt industries of all sorts, and threaten a lot of jobs, but don’t expect your traditional real estate agent to be replaced any time soon by a homebuying bot. Bridget Frey, chief technology officer at Redfin, spoke on a Seattle Startup Week panel about AI and real estate and said that real estate agents, and the institutional knowledge they bring, should always play an…

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Adsterra Review – The Advertising Network the Advertisers & Publishers Need

Adsterra, the ad network that made its entry in the online advertising industry in 2013 has managed to acquire a substantial place in this industry within no time. Many webmasters have considered it as the best alternative for Google Adsense. It is not only beneficial for the website publishers but is of a great use to the advertisers as well. Adsterra has become one of the fastest growing ad networks which provides higher CPM rates to the publishers and enables…

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Mastercard dives into the dark web to predict card fraud

New predictive tool from Mastercard arms banks to move faster against card fraud. Card giant Mastercard has created a new predictive platform that combats card fraud after data breaches occur. The new technology emerges just weeks after 143m identities were compromised in a major breach of Equifax. ‘A stolen card number can be abused anything between nine minutes and 18 months after a breach’– AJAY BHALLA Mastercard’s president of enterprise risk and security, Ajay Bhalla, told that it now…

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10 million people saw ads linked to Russia

Facebook said Monday an estimated 10 million people in the United States saw ads that have been linked to Russia before and after the presidential election. The tech firm turned over more than 3,000 ads with ties to a Russian entity known as the Internet Research Agency to congressional investigators looking into whether the country meddled in the U.S. presidential election. Russian government officials have denied using social media to interfere in the election. Get tech news in your inbox weekday…

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MIT Engineers Design Printable Structures That Fold Themselves

Engineers from MIT have developed a new method to produce printable structures that begin to fold up as soon as they are peeled off the printing platform. As 3D printing has become a mainstream technology, industry and academic researchers have been investigating printable structures that will fold themselves into useful three-dimensional shapes when heated or immersed in water. In a paper appearing in the American Chemical Society’s journal Applied Materials and Interfaces, researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence…

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Zero Day Mac Bug #1229

Looks like a major Zero Day Bug for the new Mac OS and all prior versions. The safety net of running a mac is less secure today than it ever has been and you need to be careful out there. Those that live with a false sense of safety are in for a big surprise at some point. You have heard me talk about proximity beacons. I know now how to do it with minimal investment! This course that I endorse and…

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A health monitor that gets under your skin, literally!

Thanks to the fancy wearable devices, keeping a check on one’s health has become a trend now. Even though it became popular due to a tech accessory, it is beneficial for the human race as it has made people more aware of their body. Keeping a check on your health conditions can help avoid any kind of illness or treat it on an early basis. This way one can reduce the harm caused to his body. Everyone wants to own…

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