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LG G6 review | TechRadar

With the LG G6, the modular design of the LG G5 is gone in favor of a more traditional phone, one that takes multiple elements from the top handsets around, blended together to make a more prosaic (but still intriguing) handset. The G6 is a much more conservative design than its predecessor, taking the form of a sealed unit that drops the removable battery, replacing it with a larger-capacity power pack and waterproof shell. Surprisingly, this phone isn’t using the…

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2018 Powerful Z69 Mini Android 7.1 TV Box / S912 OCTA-CORE / 2GB + 16GB

2018 Powerful Z69 Mini Android 7.1 TV Box / S912 OCTA-CORE / 2GB + 16GB ✅ Buy from TOMTOP: —- Other Links: ✅ Buy from Gearbest: ✅ Buy from Banggood: Specs: CPU: S912 Octa-core 2.0 Ghz GPU: Mali 820 2GB DDR3 RAM 16GB Internal Storage Single Band Wifi BGN Bluetooth 4.1 Android v7.1 Supports 4K @ 60fps Supports HDMIv 2.0 Supports 5.1 Surround Sound —————— Favourite Hardware: Best Android Wireless Mini Keyboard: ❤️ Buy from Amazon US: ❤️ Buy from…

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The $199 PS3? Ya, Don’t Buy It…

Check out Gamers Gate: Subscribe to my Music Channel: AVerMedia Website: Where you can buy the Live Gamer Portable: Follow me on twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: Check out LUGOEntertainment’s YouTube channel: Check out G2PO for more awesome content: source

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Fender Monterey Bluetooth speaker review: Rugged, loud, and fun, but also pricey and only marginally portable

I thought the Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker that I recently reviewed was a clever homage to guitar amps, but the company’s Monterey takes the guitar amp metaphor to the absolute max. With real hex bolts holding its back in place, solid analog controls, as well as genuine Tolex covering and a Fender ‘68 tweed grill, it could easily be mistaken for the real thing. Where the Newport is a punchy, portable, battery-powered speaker that can be used just about anywhere,…

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Platform Strategy, book review: Business models for connected markets

Platform Strategy: How to Unlock the Power of Communities and Networks to Grow Your Business • By Laure Claire Reillier, Benoit Reillier • Routledge • 222 pages • ISBN: 9781472480248 • £28.50 Windows is a platform that software developers build on, as are Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). But Salesforce, eBay and Etsy are also platforms, while Uber and Airbnb want to be platforms rather than taxi and hotel companies with a few technological bells and whistles. Unusually, Amazon…

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Q Acoustics M2 soundbase review

The relentless march of technology occasionally claims a few casualties along the way. With the move towards touchscreen phones, we lost the tactility of physical keyboards, and the arrival of MP3 players a decade ago put back sound quality in a way that they audio industry still hasn’t full recovered from.  Q Acoustics’ M2 Soundbase (priced at $350/£299/AU$549) is here to right one particular wrong, and that’s what’s happened to TV sound quality since the move away from big fat…

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Nest Secure review: This security offering carries a premium price tag despite missing some key features

Nest Secure sure looks pretty when you set it up. The hockey puck hub, with its blue lighting effects and backlit keypad, the sleek combination door/window/motion sensors, those cute little Nest Tags… it’s all so dainty and sophisticated that it’s easy to forget you just shelled out nearly $500 for what amounts to two sensors and a siren. But before we bag on the price, let’s at least give Nest some credit: The company has produced one of the best-looking…

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Relax, Anthem Won’t Have Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

Relax, Anthem Won’t Have Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment. Bioware’s Brennon Holmes confirmed on Reddit that this system will not be implemented. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content! Support ReviewTechUSA on Patreon for just $1 a month: Follow Me On Twitter: Follow Me On Facebook: Sources cited in this video: (YongYea Video) Talky Beat by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: source

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Samsung Notebook 9 Pen hands on review

There doesn’t seem to be any end to the 2-in-1 laptop craze in 2018. In fact, Samsung is doubling down on the trend with the new Notebook 9 Pen. This 13.3-inch hybrid laptop comes with Samsung’s storied S Pen included within the device – just like the Galaxy Note 8. That’s both a blessing and a curse, though, as it seems Samsung has a similar stylus problem to that of older Note devices: the stylus can get stuck inside the…

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