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iPhone 7 vs Nokia 8 comparison review

The Nokia 8 has been announced, at an event in London on 16 August. It’s going head to head with Apple’s iPhone range, so in this article we compare the specs, design and pricing of the Nokia 8 with the iPhone 7 to help you decide which of these two industry heavyweights is right for you. (In fairness, of course, the Nokia 8 will really be competing with the iPhone 8 by the time it launches. Once we know more…

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12 UK internet of things startups to watch

By Charlotte Jee & Hannah Williams | Sep 04, 2017 Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus The hype about the Internet of Things has continued to soar since 2016, and it doesn’t seem to be decreasing anytime soon. This has led to a growing number of startups hoping to harness this emerging technology. In the UK alone there are companies developing soil sensors for farmers, to remote energy monitoring, clever car alarms and interactive museum exhibits for proximity advertising. So, here…

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Windows 10 S review: Microsoft’s OS for students is hard to love

Microsoft’s Windows 10 S is what happens when a once-easygoing operating system has kids and turns into a helicopter parent. Windows 10 S, a locked-down version of Windows 10 found on the Surface Laptop and a small group of low-cost, third-party notebooks, keeps students safe and secure by restricting them to the Windows Store. But as our review shows, the lack of freedom chafes. Locking your PC away from the big, bad, outside world makes sense when your children are…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: My first week with a nearly perfect smartphone

After spending a couple hours with a Galaxy Note 8 at a briefing in San Francisco I sold my S8 Plus on Swappa and ordered my own Note 8 from T-Mobile. With a week of time under my belt using a review Note 8, I’m convinced the purchase was the right move and look forward to further exploration of the Note 8. ZDNet’s Jason Cipriani posted a full review of the Note 8 and concluded it is a worthy successor…

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Essential Phone hands on review

Update: We’re still running some battery tests and getting comfortable with the 360-degree accessory, but we’ve added some final impressions of the Essential Phone running the latest software and have posted some more photo samples. Stay tuned for a final scoring.  For a brand with no track record of making smartphones, the Essential Phone is an intriguing first attempt.  It’s going for the long game by offering a phone that, in theory, doesn’t have to be tossed aside, trashed or…

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Skullcandy Jib Wireless Review & Rating

Not every pair of earphones needs to break new ground, and the Skullcandy Jib Wireless keeps things simple—there are no bells and whistles here. For $34.99, all that really matters is audio performance, and the Jib Wireless packs some surprisingly serious bass response. The sound signature is quite sculpted, but it’s an excellent value for the price, and our Editors’ Choice for low-cost Bluetooth earphones. Design The Jib Wireless has a very thin, cappellini-esque black cable and either black, red,…

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YouTube TV review

Whenever the day comes that you can finally subscribe to YouTube TV, it’ll be worth the wait. The $35-per-month streaming bundle is only available in markets where YouTube TV can carry at least three live local broadcast channels, which right now covers about half of U.S. homes. And to watch YouTube TV on a television, you need a Chromecast dongle, a Chromecast-enabled Android TV device, or an Apple TV for AirPlay. For those who live within the YouTube TV footprint—and…

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Apple Music review: Spotify, beware

Apple Music is the new iTunes-based music streaming service that arrived on iPhone, iPad and Mac back in 2015. That means that every compatible iOS device that has been updated to at least iOS 8.4 has Apple Music installed, and with a three-month free trial it’s an appealing service for Apple users that has rivals such as Spotify scared, and for good reason. If you’re new to the world of Apple Music, don’t worry; take a look at our complete guide…

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24 companies using drones right now

By Christina Mercer & Margi Murphy | Sep 06, 2017 Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus With big tech giants like Amazon, UPS and NASA all investing in drone fleets and with drone sales set to soar even more this year, Techworld looks at how businesses around the world are using the technology to improve customer service, maintenance and even capture the news. Read next: Will drone deliveries take off in the UK? Source link

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Oomi Home review: Semi-smarten your home, at a steep price

Remember the original Sonos Controller, a dedicated tablet for the high-end music system that sat on a dock in your living room? When you wanted to turn on the music, you didn’t reach for your phone, you reached for the Controller. Never mind the speakers, the Controller was a sexy showpiece that predated by years the smart home as we’ve come to know it. The Sonos Controller was discontinued four years ago for what must seem like obvious reasons: The…

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