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Australian Reserve Bank open to digital currency but labels Bitcoin hype ‘speculative mania’

While the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has accepted the future may be dominated by electronic methods of payment, it isn’t convinced a physical banknote will no longer have a place, or that cryptocurrencies are the answer. Speaking at the 2017 Australian Payment Summit in Sydney on Wednesday, RBA Governor Philip Lowe said although cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are becoming more prominent, they aren’t commonly used for everyday payments and he does not see that changing any time soon. “When…

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Best SSDs 2017: the top solid-state drives for your PC

The best solid state drives, or SSDs, will free you from the shackles of slow data transfers for good. Completely free of the weight and tedium of even the best hard drives’ spinning disks, the best SSDs can offer virtually instantaneous data transfer. So, if your old video game consoles or even your PC are still rocking a mechanical drive, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to one of the best SSDs. You could be excused for thinking…

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How to set up the Apple TV

The initial set up of an Apple TV can be done pretty quickly – especially if you have an iPhone or iPad to hand. But there are some further tweaks that you might want to do to completely personalise the interface and make it suit your needs. We’ll look at how to get your new Apple TV working just the way you want it in this article. How to connect an Apple TV to a television Before you begin to…

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Release Date & Specification Rumours

The A8 and A8+, upcoming mid-range smartphones in Samsung’s Galaxy line-up, should be made official within weeks. These will be the first Samsung phones to feature a dual front-facing camera, and they will also take the S-series Infinity Display. We round up the rumours. When is the Samsung Galaxy A8 release date? Samsung’s Galaxy A family traditionally launches at the end of December/beginning of January. A launch may not be tied into CES 2018, but it’s probable the phones will…

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The best Apple Watch apps

We love the Apple Watch. It’s one of those gadgets you think is a gimmick until you start using one: it becomes an essential gadget almost immediately. Many of the built-in apps are the ‘best’ ones: those that you’ll actually use on a daily basis. Workouts is great, as is the stock timer / stopwatch app. There are, of course, hundreds (thousands, in fact) of apps you can install to add extra functions to your Watch, including games to pass the…

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​IEDM 2017: Intel inches closer to EUV lithography

There are many reasons why it is getting harder to produce leading-edge processors, but no roadblock is bigger than photolithography, the process of using light to transfer patterns to the wafer. The current tools are no longer capable of printing the smallest features–at least not without some time-consuming and costly extra steps–and the replacement, known as extreme ultra-violet or EUV lithography, is years behind schedule. Lately there have been signs of progress and the industry is racing to bring EUV…

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Apple: Why Face ID had a harder start on iPhone than Touch ID

Apple’s switch to facial recognition to unlock the iPhone X has been a controversial topic with children unlocking their parent’s phones and masks fooling the tech. Yet, Apple believes the tech can do a lot more than fingerprint scanners ever could. Phil Schiller – SVP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple – spoke to our sister site and said: “We knew what we created with the home button through the years. We knew it was no small thing to decide…

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iOS 12 release date & new features rumours

iOS 11 launched in September 2017, bringing a raft of new features to iPhones, iPads and iPod touches for free – but we’re already looking ahead to the major iOS update of 2018. In this article we round up all the rumours, clues, hints and leaks pointing to iOS 12’s release date, new features and more. Release date iOS 12 should launch in September 2017. Apple is a creature of habit when it comes to OS updates, and past behaviour…

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Fallout VR News: Release Date, Features and Gameplay

Fallout 4 was released in November 2015, and while the game offers hundreds of hours of gameplay with no level cap, people are bored. After all, murdering everything that moves in the Commonwealth and collecting scrap can become a little stagnant without the injection of an interesting storyline once you’ve finished it. The introduction of several DLC releases – all of which are out now – gave users more to do, but that’s not all as Bethesda also promised VR support for the HTC Vive is…

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Freelancer launches global Enterprise platform

Image: Freelancer Online freelancing marketplace Freelancer has announced Freelancer Enterprise, a vendor management system for managing virtual and local workforces. The new free platform gives companies access to over 26 million freelancers across 247 countries, in 34 languages, and 39 currencies, the Sydney-headquartered company said. “With Freelancer Enterprise we are providing large organisations with a platform that enables transparency, control, talent management, and compliance, together with the ability to scale adoption across the organisation,” said Freelancer chief executive Matt Barrie.…

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