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Watch as we drop, shake and soak three ruggedized tablets

Anyone who depends on their tablet throughout the workday knows that disaster can strike at any moment. These three ruggedized Windows tablets can help you avoid catastrophe. While ruggedized tablets cost more than their more fragile peers, they mean fewer repairs, replacements and downtime. We tested three ruggedized Windows tablets to see how well they held up. First, we dropped each tablet from 29 inches up, to simulate being pushed off a desk onto a hard floor. We then dropped…

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5 handy things the Photos app can do with your iPhone snapshots

With its various “Moments,” “Collections,” and “Memories,” the iOS Photos app has become almost as confusing and frustrating to use as Apple Music. (Don’t get me started.) But once you get your bearings, there are still plenty of nifty things you can do with your snapshots in Photos. From creating instant, one-tap movies and pasting shapes and captions in your pictures to publishing galleries on the web and undeleting recently trashed images, here are some tips on making the most…

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iPad (2017) review: With a stripped-down iPad for $329, you may not need to go pro

Amazon sells a Kids Edition of its Fire tablet, which is the exact same tablet they sell for adults, but in a kid-friendly case, with a year’s worth of the FreeTime Unlimited service for kids apps and content. Apple does not do this. But at $329 for 32GB of storage, the new iPad is pretty close. This is a great iPad at its most family-friendly price, and certainly a better buy for kids than the $599 iPad Pro. Now, obviously…

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4 easy ways to keep your iCloud password safe

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or Mac user, your iCloud password is the key to your digital realm. With your iCloud password, you can access such personal data as your iCloud mail messages, your calendar, your contacts, and your stored iCloud credit cards. Your iCloud password could even be used to track, lock and wipe your precious devices. Needless to say, it would be a very bad thing if your iCloud password landed in the wrong hands. But in just a…

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Waterfi Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite review: A waterproof e-reader

If waterproof is high on your checklist of e-reader must-haves, we recommend that most people consider the Kobo Aura H20. It’s a capable e-book reader designed to stand up to the occasional poolside splash or even an extended soak in a hot tub. For anyone already invested in Amazon’s extensive collection of DRM-protected e-books, periodicals and comic books, however, investing in another company’s incompatible hardware could be a less than attractive proposition. If you fall into this latter group of…

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This could have been a versatile e-reader

The Midia InkBook 8 has similar dimensions to Kobo’s Aura One, measuring 6.5 by 1.3 by 8.9 inches and sporting an eight inch e-ink display. It weighs just a bit more than its Kobo counterpart, coming it at just under nine ounces. In exchange for the e-reader’s extra heft, you’ll gain a microSD card slot that can use cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB. Upgradeable storage on an e-reader isn’t a feature we see often, these days; probably because…

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