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How to Fix ‘Insufficient Storage’ Error: Delete Cached Files in Android

These days most budget Android phones will come with at least 16GB of internal storage, but there are still plenty of devices out there with less. And when you’re playing with such a tiny amount of space for your files, the operating system itself can take up such a huge proportion that just a couple of apps and the odd photo are enough to put you over the edge. When Android’s internal storage is seriously short, the “insufficient storage available”…

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Hive View Smart Security Camera Review

Hive is taking another stab at the smart home camera market with the new Hive View. The original, dubbed the Hive Camera, looked like a typical home security camera – this time however, Hive has thought about the aesthetic as well as the functionality. Designed by industrial designer Yves Béhar, it should *easily* satisfy even the most design conscious of home owners… And it should, at £189. Can Hive’s View camera offer enough to tempt those away from more popular…

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How to Download YouTube to Android

Watching YouTube video online is one of the nation’s favourite pastimes when it comes to their smartphone- and tablet viewing habits. But what about when you’re offline – away from home, out of data and Wi-Fi down? We explain how to download YouTube to Android in just a few simple steps. Download and install TubeMate 2.4.4 (you’ll need to enable Unknown sources first) Launch YouTube and browse to the video you want to download Tap Share, choose TubeMate, then select…

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Lenovo Smart Display Review: Hands-on with Google’s Echo Show Rival

Amazon’s brought put a screen on an Echo device in June last year, with the Echo Show (though it took a few months longer to reach the UK). Now, more than half a year later, Google has finally caught up, partnering with third-party manufacturers to build its own Echo Show rivals powered by Google Assistant. LG, JBL, and other manufacturers are all working on Google Assistant devices with displays, but the most impressive so far is the Lenovo Smart Display.…

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Acer Swift 7 2018 review: Hands-on with the Thinnest Laptop in the World

As usual there are plenty of new and exciting laptops at CES 2018, with Acer’s updated Swift 7 one of the most interesting of the lot. It’s the world’s thinnest laptop, beating its own record with a few upgrades thrown in for good measure. Acer said: “Building on the engineering breakthroughs from the previous generation, the new Swift 7 steps up the game with an even slimmer chassis, powerful performance and always-on 4G LTE connectivity for professionals on the go.”…

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Best pro Mac: Which Mac is most powerful and suitable for creatives?

Apple says it still cares about pro creative Mac users, and to prove it the company has launched the sumptuous and high-powered iMac Pro and updated the 27in iMac and MacBook Pro. But this leaves the Mac Pro, the machine that is traditionally most associated with the creative market and which Apple has promised will be completely redesigned in 2018 or 2019. Should pro users wait patiently for what is sure to be a beast of a system, or will…

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Best iMac Deals January 2018

An iMac is no small investment, which is why it’s a good idea spending some time making sure you’re getting the iMac that’s right for you at the best price. Here, we bring you the best iMac deals we’ve seen, as well as deals on iMac accessories that might interest you too. Out team here at Macworld UK is constantly on the look out for the best iMac deals from around the web. We spot the biggest and best deals…

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Synology DS218j Review: Affordable NAS Storage

Synology often releases its new hardware in a series of tranches, we’ve noticed. The initial release brings the flagship designs for those that want the latest tech, to be followed later by those represent better value for money. The ‘j-series’ is the value range, and with its combination of high performance and low cost, they’re unsurprisingly popular. Is the Synology DS218j a rightful heir to the crown of affordable NAS, or problem child that inherited too many undesirable traits? Let’s…

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Chrome vs Firefox: which is better?

There’s a good reason that the vast majority of people use Chrome to browse the web. For one thing, it’s Google’s browser and it defaults to searching with Google. Obviously. It’s also the default browser on many Android phones and tablets. This all makes it highly convenient, not least because – if you sign in – all your stuff is synced automatically between your devices. Passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and more. And until recently, it also led the pack for…

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How to Fix Stuck Windows Update

Microsoft has made automatic updates mandatory for the Home edition of Windows10, so it’s not easy to decide when you apply the patches. But if you find your PC sitting at a certain percentage value indefinitely, then Windows Update is probably stuck in a loop. Here’s a quick way to interrupt this cycle and get the update process back on track. It’s important to give the update a decent amount of time to finish. Depending on what is being done…

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