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Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 Review: Hands-on

Dell has doubled down on its successful XPS laptop lineup this year, using CES 2018 to launch not only a revamped version of the ever-popular XPS 13, but also a brand-new XPS 15 2-in-1. There’s a lot more to the new convertible than just a larger screen size though. It also boasts an impressively slim profile, a new ‘maglev’ keyboard design, and is one of the first laptops to market boasting the new Intel Core processor with integrated Radeon graphics.…

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iMac Pro review – Macworld UK

We’re still waiting for the new Mac Pro (and don’t even know which year it’ll be launched in), but in the meantime Apple is placating its pro users with this high-powered slab of processing muscle. The iMac Pro is available with anywhere from eight to 18 cores, and from 32GB to 128GB of RAM. The thermal architecture, so problematic on the Mac Pro, has been redesigned with ‘dual blowers’ for a claimed 80 percent increase in thermal capacity. And the…

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Best Electric Bikes – Tech Advisor

Electric bikes have existed for years, but until recently were rare in the UK. Those who bought one were either cycling enthusiasts or people who specifically needed a helping hand because they couldn’t cycle without assistance, or wanted to cycle longer distances. Now, you can buy electric bikes from plenty of bike shops and they’re even in Halfords. Prices have come down, too, and the cheapest models start from around £500. You might consider that a lot of money, but…

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Motorola Moto G5s Review – Tech Advisor

When the Moto G5 launched it became our favourite budget phone, but things weren’t perfect. It was no faster than the outgoing G4 and – if anything – battery life was marginally worse. Motorola followed up with the G5s, which in 2018 faces stiff competition from plenty of other inexpensive phones – notably those from China. Motorola Moto G5s: Price The G5s costs £199.99 from Amazon and it’s available in Fine Gold or Lunar Grey. That’s the single-SIM version with 3GB of…

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Samsung Galaxy A8 review: Hands-on with the Galaxy S8 mini

There aren’t many interesting new smartphones at CES 2018 but Samsung has got a pocket rocket in the form of the Galaxy A8. We’ve taken a look at what can be described as a better late than never Galaxy S8 mini. Before CES, there were a few rumours flying around that we’d see the Galaxy S9 unveiled at the show. It’s not a big shock those were no more than tales, but Samsung did at least have a new handset…

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HTC Vive Pro Review: Hands-on with the Next Generation of VR

HTC claims that the new Vive Pro headset is “elevated in every way” – offering a higher resolution display, redesigned headstrap, integrated audio, and optional wireless support. The original Vive was already the best VR headset on the market – and the most expensive – so the Pro has a high bar to clear. We went hands-on with it at CES 2018 to find out how it stacks up and see if this really is the best VR has ever…

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How to Control Kids’ Screen Time on Android Tablets

While Android smartphones and tablets can be brilliant ways to entertain, educate, and keep your children safe, they do have the downside of being addictive. For a parent, the sight of your little ones mesmerised by glowing rectangles for extended periods of time is not a happy one.  But, there are ways to limit this exposure and ensure that your child gets up off their backside every once in a while. We show you a few easy ways to control the…

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Best board games for adults, kids & families 2018

We live in a golden age of board gaming. If you grew up with Scrabble and Cluedo (which are okay games) and Risk and Monopoly (which are a bit more painful), you may understandably believe such things are limited in scope and of interest only to kids and weirdos. But in 2018 this hobby has far more to offer. The best board games are well worth anyone’s time. Depending on your tastes (and you can consider the following our ‘recommended, but…

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