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Best Android Phones 2017: Top Android Smartphone Reviews and Buying Advice

Your buying guide for the best Android phones in 2017 We’ve reviewed all the major flagship phones available at the moment but plenty more are on the way this year, so the right handset for you might be just around the corner. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium, HTC U11 and OnePlus 5 are all available now. Devices coming soon include the Nokia 8 and 9, with next year’s flagships like the Galaxy S9 already on the horizon. Android has the largest market share in the…

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Synology DS418j Review: Four-Bay NAS

Synology’s NAS boxes often get an upgraded on a two-year cycle. And, while in that time the outside changed very little, the inside of four-bay ‘j Series’ NAS has been entirely overhauled. It’s a great NAS for those that want to do more than just file serving and make use of the 80+ applications that the DS418j supports. And those that like to hang external storage off their NAS equipment should also embrace this option for the dual USB 3.0 ports.…

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HTC U11 Review: The Squeezable Flagship Phone

HTC’s new flagship phone for 2017 is a mix of well-known One range and the newer U series devices. But can this recipe keep up with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6? Here’s our in-depth review of the squeezable HTC U11. See also: Best phones for 2017. The name might seem confusing but HTC is continuing the numerical series it started with the HTC One M7 and tagging it onto the end of the more recently U range…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News: UK Price, Release Date, New Features & Specs

Samsung has announced its Galaxy Note 8, a phone that goes big on the screen and features, but not so much on the battery. For that we’re thankful, as this is one hot new piece of tech we’d rather see stay in one piece – let’s just hope consumers are willing to forgive and forget. The rumours we’ve been telling you about for months now all turned out to be true: the Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s first flagship to feature a…

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Xiaomi Mi Note 3 News: How to Buy in UK, Release Date & Specs

In November 2016 the Mi Note 2’s launch announcement was entirely overshadowed by the revolutionary Mi Mix – something we saw again this morning as Xiaomi unveiled updates to both handsets (and a new Mi Notebook Pro) in the same launch event. The Mi Mix 2 is gorgeous, but this Mi Note 3 is well worth a look, in essence a larger version of the Mi 6 with a 5.5in screen.  When is the Mi Note 3 release date? Though the Mi Note 3…

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Lenovo IdeaPad 320S Laptop Review

The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S is an entry-level laptop that looks, from arm’s width at least, similar to ones costing £600-1000. Sub-£400 models don’t have to be dumpy or ugly anymore. Normally we struggle to recommend a laptop as low-power as the Lenovo IdeaPad 320S. However, we’ve finally reached the point where Windows 10 and a low-end Pentium processor can get along. It’s time to celebrate.  The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S is a great match for someone with a low budget and…

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Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Rumours: Live Stream, UK Price, Release Date & Specs

In November 2016 the Mi Note 2’s launch announcement was entirely overshadowed by the revolutionary Mi Mix – something we could see once again this Monday as Xiaomi prepares to unveil updates to both handsets in the same launch event. On 11 September it will announce both the Mi Mix 2 and Mi Note 3. That’s a shame, because the Mi Note line is worthy of consumer attention. Better value than UK flagships, but with a gorgeous design and the…

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Surface Book 2 News: Release Date, UK Price, Features & Specs

Rumours surrounding the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 have been ongoing since the original Surface Book was introduced last year. In March it was suggested that the Surface Book 2 would no longer be a hybrid, but an actual laptop. Microsoft did indeed unveil a new Surface Laptop at its Spring Conference, but it wasn’t the Surface Book 2 we were expecting – that device is still to come. What new features are expected for the Surface Book 2? The…

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Best PDF Editors 2017: PDF Software Reviews

We test and rate the best PDF editors you can get, including Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, Nuance Power PDF, Nitro and more. Most of the packages here cost money but it is possible to edit PDFs for free. PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular types of document for sharing as most devices and computers can open a PDF for the recipient to read. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a laptop or a smartphone, nor which software was…

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Best Cheap Tablets 2017: Budget Tablet Reviews & Buying Advice

Your buying guide for the best cheap tablets in 2017 Amazon is the current king of cheap tablets. The 2017 Amazon Fire 7 costs £49.99, and has – for the insanely low price – a decent screen plus Alexa, a microSD slot for adding more storage, and an easy-to-use operating system. It would be easy to say you’re a fool for buying a different tablet, but the Fire has one sticking point: it’s not a standard Android tablet and doesn’t have any…

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