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How to upgrade RAM in a Mac: Boost performance with extra memory

Upgrading the RAM in your Mac can provide a significant boost to performance, as well as equipping the machine to run demanding software in the future. On older models this is actually a very simple procedure, and if you use third-party RAM from companies such as Crucial you’ll find the cost quite affordable too. Modern Macs are a different story, and there are plenty of pitfalls you need to avoid – which is why we’ve put together this guide. For…

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Shadow of the Colossus (PS4 Remake): Release Date, Pricing & Gameplay

Shadow of the Colossus originally launched on 2005 on the PlayStation 2 – can you believe it? – but a new version is on the way. Here’s what you need to know about the Shadow of the Colossus remake. See also: Best upcoming games 2017. When is Shadow of the Colossus remake coming out? Shadow of the Colossus remake release date: 2018 (TBC) Following the promise of an early 2018 release date during the E3 2017 reveal of the Shadow of…

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Release Date, UK Pricing & Gameplay News

2018 is to be an exciting year for gaming, with cool accessories like the Nintendo Labo and amazing games like Red Dead Redemption 2 due for release. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is slightly different to the rest of the 2018 lineup though, as it strives to do something different to other RPGs – be historically accurate. Here, we discuss everything we know about Kingdom Come: Deliverance including UK release date, pricing, platform and gameplay news along with the latest trailers. Kingdom Come: Deliverance…

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Best NAS Drives 2018: Top NAS Drives Buying Advice & Reviews

NAS drives are like cloud storage: you can access all your files from anywhere, both inside and outside of your home or office. You can use them to store and play your music and video collections, as well as documents and other files. NAS drive buyer’s guide NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It enables you to have a large amount of storage connected directly to your broadband router. This storage is therefore available to all your devices. NAS drives…

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Android Wear 3.0 Release Date Rumours

Google has not confirmed when we will hear news on an Android Wear 3.0 update, but we’re expecting some new information at Google I/O 2018. We outline what new features we’d like to see in the new smartwatch OS. When is the Android Wear 3.0 release date? It’s difficult to speculate on an Android Wear 3.0 release date because we have not previously seen annual updates to the platform. However, it is no longer in its infancy, with many of…

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When is Google I/O 2018?

Every summer Google hosts its annual developers’ conference, Google I/O. It’s of more interest to developers than consumers, but the opening keynote typically contains some interesting information on upcoming Google software (this is not a hardware event). In 2018 we expect to hear more about Android P, Android Wear 3.0 and the Google Assistant. When is Google I/O 2018? Google has not officially confirmed when is Google I/O 2018, but the Channele2e site suggests it will be held 16 May…

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Best Free Video Editing Software

Making good-looking home videos is now easier and cheaper than ever thanks to the huge array of free video editing software that you can download to your PC or laptop (you can also video online for free). The range of high-quality free video editors available at the moment in simply amazing. Whether you want to dabble in animation, add special effects like in Batman Vs Superman, or go for something simple but professional-looking there’s a free video editor that’s perfect for…

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How to share a Wi-Fi connection from a Mac to an iPhone

There are times when the Wi-Fi network just can’t give you the connection you need. Perhaps you are at work and the Wi-Fi just can’t cope with all the iPads and iPhones accessing it so it slows your browsing to a crawl (or your boss decides to change the password for the same reason). Maybe you are in a hotel and can’t connect all your devices to the room’s Wi-Fi at once. Or possibly you want to allow someone onto…

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Far Cry 5 Preview – Tech Advisor

Far Cry 5 looks set to be not only one of the biggest games of 2018, but also one of the most controversial, pitting you against a far-right Christian sect in modern day Montana, a setting that might hit uncomfortably close to home for some. Still, touchy themes aside, Far Cry 5 follows more of the same open-world violence that made earlier titles such massive hits, and if you believe the hype, it’ll be bigger and even more explosion-y than before.…

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Best 2 in 1 laptops for 2018: Convertible Laptop & Tablet Reviews

What’s the best 2 in 1 laptop tablet you can buy in the UK? Your buying guide to the best laptop / tablets If you don’t want to carry around both a laptop and a tablet then a convertible 2-in-1 device might be the answer. Usually there are some compromises and very few devices offer the best of both worlds. The Surface Book arguably has the fewest compromises, but it’s also massively expensive: you could buy a laptop and tablet…

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