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iMac Pro vs 27-inch iMac

Apple has the attention of the creative professional world right now, with the promise of the new iMac Pro (shipping on 14 December). However, there is already an iMac that could answer their needs. In this comparison we will ask the question, should you buy a new 27-inch iMac or the iMac Pro? (If you are wondering what the Mac Pro might offer when Apple introduces that new model, read our Mac Pro 2018 (or 2019) preview.) Price – what…

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Best Cheap Laptops 2017/2018: Budget Windows Laptop Reviews & Buying Advice

Your buying guide for the best budget laptops in 2017/2018 Although we review many mid-range and high-end laptops, there are plenty of cheaper options. We review and rank them with the same care and attention so here you can find the best budget laptop for your needs. If your needs are basic, then almost any of the laptops below will be perfectly good. They’ll all handle web browsing, office work, casual games and a bit of photo editing. Chances are you’re…

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iMac Pro News: Release Date, Price And Specs

The most powerful Mac that Apple has ever made is nearly here and we have all the details available you could need. Read about the new iMac Pro including release date, price and specs. When is the iMac Pro release date? New iMac Pro release date: 14 December Although it was first announced way back in June at WWDC, Apple has only announced the release date for the iMac Pro a couple of days in advance. You can buy it from 14 December,…

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AMD Radeon Adrenalin Release Date, New Features, Compatible Graphics Cards

Back in 2015 AMD renamed its Radeon software from Catalyst to Crimson. Then last year it tagged on ReLive Edition due to the inbuilt livestreaming capabilities. Now, at the end of 2017, it has renamed it again to Adrenalin Edition. Not after the hormone, as you might guess, but after a red rose which matches Radeon’s red colour. The drivers include updates to Radeon Chill, WattMan, ReLive and Enhanced Sync. There’s the usual performance improvements too (AMD reckons there’s been a…

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What is Disney Life? Price, Features, and US Launch Date

Disney fans frustrated by the limited selection of films on major streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime may be happy to find that there’s an alternative: DisneyLife. Disney’s own streaming service offers a massive selection of films and TV shows made by Disney and Pixar, and costs less per month than almost any other streaming service. It’s only available in the UK right now, but Disney has big plans for the service in the future, with a US launch…

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Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium Release Date & Specification Rumours

‘Bezel-less’ smartphones are a trend kickstarted by Xiaomi’s Mi Mix in late-2016. We’ve since seen industry heavyweights such as Samsung and LG apply the same full-screen thinking into their latest flagships, but Sony has yet to take the plunge with an 18:9 display. That could all be about to change as the company gears up to launch the new Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium. When is the Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium release date? Our best guess is that Sony will unveil…

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Honor 9 Review: Flagship Phone at a Mid-Range Price

The Honor 9 is the latest flagship from the Huawei sub-brand, and it liberally borrows from the Huawei P10’s specs while sticking to the Honor aesthetic and aiming for a much friendlier price point. The Honor 9 is angling to be one of the best mid-range phones on the market this year, but can it deliver? Find out in our Honor 9 review. Note: Honor is launching a new phone on 5 December, so check out the rumoured specs before…

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iPhone 8 Plus Review: Devotees Only

Another year, another iPhone. Except this year, the 8 and 8 Plus aren’t the stars of the show – they were overshadowed at their own launch event by their bezel-less brother, the iPhone X. Compared to the X, with its fairly radical redesign, the 8 and 8 Plus run the risk of looking a little dull, a bit been-there-done-that. But is that a fair assessment of Apple’s latest iPhone iteration, or is X-envy masking a solid step forward for Cupertino?…

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Sonos One Review: The Best Smart Speaker

Sonos One review Smart speakers are the must have gadget this year but many don’t offer the kind of high quality sound you might want for your home. This is the main but not only reason to go with Sonos against rivals. Here’s our Sonos One review. Amazon might have kicked off the smart speaker era with the Echo but now everyone wants a piece of the pie. It’s easy enough to add smarts to a device but getting it…

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Best mobile Wi-Fi routers 2017/2018: MiFi hotspot buying guide

What’s the best mobile Wi-Fi router you can buy in the UK? TP-Link M7350 O2 Huawei 4G Pocket Hotspot Plus Three Huawei E5573 EE 4GEE WiFi Mini GlocalMe U2 Jump straight to our full best mobile Wi-Fi router chart  What is MiFi? Mobile Wi-Fi, or MiFi, allows you to connect multiple Wi-Fi devices to a single 4G data SIM in a router and get online wherever you go. This allows you to connect your phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi devices to it…

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