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LG Refreshes ‘All Day Battery’ Gram Laptops for 2018 | News & Opinion

LG’s MacBook alternative manages to achieve almost a full day of battery life thanks to Intel’s 8th-generation Core processors and a bigger battery. In January last year, LG refreshed its super slim and lightweight range of Gram laptops and boasted they offered 24-hour battery life. The problem was, the benchmark LG used to test battery life was a decade old (MobileMark 2007) meaning it wasn’t really representative of laptop use in 2017. However, LG is refreshing the Gram line-up once…

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The Best Lenovo Laptops of 2018

Classic Design Meets Innovation It’s been more than a decade since IBM stopped making ThinkPad laptops, yet you’re still likely to see them in the halls of industry, thanks to Lenovo. The company formerly known as Legend Computers of Beijing, China, still produces the well-regarded laptop line, with its beloved AccuType keyboard, but it’s not content to rest on its laurels. Rather, it continues to innovate with radical designs like the Yoga line, which has influenced other PC manufacturers (like…

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Intel Gemini Lake Boosts Budget PC Computing Power | News & Opinion

The chips feature higher boost speeds, more cache, and support for gigabit Wi-Fi. December 12, 2017 4:52PM EST December 12, 2017 Intel chips that use the new Gemini Lake architecture will start appearing in budget PCs during the next quarter. Look for them under Intel’s Pentium Silver and Celeron lines in laptops, 2-in-1 convertibles, all-in-one PCs and desktops. Consumers who upgrade will see a significant performance boost, according to Intel, which unveiled the chips on Monday. The Pentium Silver processors…

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HP Spectre 13 review: This stylish ultrabook conceals real power

HP’s Spectre 13 was designed for tablet lovers who don’t buy tablets, It’s a lightweight though sturdy ultrabook designed with a powerful Intel 8th-generation Core chip inside and an eye toward the future. HP’s stylish Spectre offers excellent performance for an ultrabook at a good price, making this a recommended choice. At a light 2.4 pounds, though, the Spectre 13 is forced to make some compromises. It  falls short of the “all-day” battery life that some demand, delivering about six…

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Best laptop deals: 5 excellent discounts for last-minute shoppers

The holidays are a great time for laptop deals, but with only weeks left in the season time is running out. Not coincidentally, today is “Green Monday”—a term coined by eBay for the last Monday that’s at least 10 days before Christmas. (Otherwise known as the day when you still have a good amount of time to receive shipped packages.) On this greenest of Green Mondays, we’ve pulled together the top laptop deals available: These options range from a fancy gaming…

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Keylogger Discovered on HP Laptops | News & Opinion

The keylogger is disabled by default but can be enabled in the Windows Registry. Over 460 laptop models are affected. HP isn’t doing too well on the security front recently. Last month the company was accused of quietly installing spyware on Windows PCs. This month, a keylogger has been found on over 460 different models of HP laptop. The keylogger was discovered by security researcher Michael Myng who was looking at the keyboard driver SynTP.sys in an attempt to figure…

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HP patches hundreds of laptops to remove hidden keylogger

If you bought an HP laptop any time in the last five years, it could be tracking your every key stroke. Over the weekend HP revealed that nearly 500 of its notebooks dating as far back as 2012 shipped with a secret keylogger installed. Alongside the announcement, HP released driver updates to eradicate the software on affected laptops. Security researcher Michael Myng discovered the keylogger when probing the Synaptics touchpad software on an HP laptop. HP’s security bulletin says the…

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Microsoft is selling the excellent Dell XPS 13 and Dell Inspiron 15 for hundreds off, today

Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals continues on today with a number of discounts across various Dell laptops and desktops. Two caught our eye: the highly-reviewed Dell XPS 13 9360 ultrabook on sale for $999, and the best budget gaming laptop, the Dell Inspiron 15, on sale for $599. Dell XPS 9360: why it’s a good deal Here’s why we like the $999 Dell XPS 13 9360 deal. For one thing, Dell’s XPS 13 ultrabooks consistently perform at or near the top of…

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Nvidia’s Titan V Graphics Card Costs $3K | News & Opinion

Whenever Nvidia releases a new high-end graphics card you expect the high price attached to it. $1,000 cards are not uncommon, but Nvidia’s latest is called the Titan V and it costs $2,999. In return for a ridiculous amount of cash, Nvidia promises you’ll be getting “the most powerful graphics card ever created for the PC.” Before deciding not to buy a GeForce GTX 1080Ti or Titan XP for your gaming rig and spend triple the cash on a Titan…

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Lenovo Yoga 720 (12-Inch) Review & Rating

The Lenovo Yoga 720 convertible laptop comes in several shapes and sizes. The best option for most people is probably the 13-inch model, the recipient of an Editors’ Choice award for its feathery weight and balance of features and price. But if you’d like to go even smaller and less expensive, there’s a $649.99 12-inch version, the subject of this review. To keep the price and size down, Lenovo outfits it with barebones components—an Intel Core i3-7100U, 4GB of RAM,…

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