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How to hide text messages on iPhone

If you don’t want someone to see a text message on your iPhone you may be wondering if there a way you can lock or hide text messages? Perhaps you are organising a surprise party, planning a holiday, or up to no good. Whatever your reason, you may be hoping that there is a way you can stop someone seeing text messages on your iPhone. It’s easy to lock your iPhone to stop someone who doesn’t know your passcode from…

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Eset Internet Security 11 Review

ESET Internet Security 11 is the company’s latest offering for 2018, aiming to protect your computer from viruses and malware, prevent unauthorised access to your computer including while making online payments and more. £39.99 for a single user for one year of ESET’s 2018 offering looks steep, but increase the number of users to 4, and the cost per user drops to a very reasonable £14, available to buy on ESET’s website here. Though this is still higher than products…

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How to remove spyware from PC or laptop

We show you how to find and remove spyware from your PC or laptop. We are living through the death of privacy, a time when our data is harvested and shared by multiple third-parties in order to market to us more successfully. And that’s the legitimate side of things. Given that these days all malware is intended to part us with money, the illiegitimate harvesting of our information is also a growth industry. Often we are tricked into giving away…

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Best Ad-blockers 2018: De-clutter websites and browse with privacy

Much of what slows down your web browsing experience is tracking and adverts. So there’s plenty of motivation to use a web browser that blocks ads automatically, or to install a browser extension that does the same job. Websites often look a lot cleaner when stripped of their ads, making it easier to read without those annoying pop-ups. Pages can also load noticeably faster and, as a bonus on mobile devices, your data plan can go further as the ads…

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Best iPhone camera lenses for professional photography

Apple has ambitious plans for mobile photography – the company takes it very seriously indeed. Every iPhone on the market has an exceptional rear-facing camera, and the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and X have a twin-lens model capable of even more. But whether or not you’ve got one of the latest handsets, there are plenty of way you can improve your iPhone photography. In this article we explore some brilliant lenses that take things to the next level. You can also get better smartphone photos…

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Best Headphones Deals of January 2018

Now is a great time to bag a bargain if you’re looking for new headphones. Here, we bring you top tips and the best deals we’ve seen on headphones so far. We’d recommend looking for a good deal on more expensive headphones, rather than buying a pair that’s cheap all year round. Not only is the build quality likely to be quite poor on headphones with an RRP of £30 or less, but they’ll also offer a bad audio experience…

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Best January TV Deals 2018

If you’re in the market for a TV, you’ve come to the right place. Retailers across the globe are slashing prices on TVs in their sales, making that all-singing, all-dancing model you’ve had your eye on much easier to afford. Here, we bring you tips on how to find the best TV deals this month. You’ll find deals on smart TVs, LED TVs, OLED TVs, curved TVs, 4K TVs and more, but with so many options it can be hard to…

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Asus Chromebook Flip C213NA review: For the Classroom or Field

Chromebooks have long been a favourite of education establishments, and parents, as they offer plenty of computing power for very little outlay. They’re easy to set up, maintain, and avoid many of the virus and malware dangers posed by other machines. The new Asus C213NA adds something else to this potent recipe – a rugged build and modular construction that makes it easy to repair. We take a look at the Chromebook that’s made to take a beating. For more…

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Best Chromebooks 2018 UK: Chromebook Reviews & Buying Advice

Your buying guide to the best Chromebooks in 2018 What is a Chromebook? Chromebooks are laptops but instead of running Windows, they come with Chrome OS from Google. Microsoft now offers Windows 10 S, which is a Chrome OS rival. Currrently it’s found on the new Surface Laptop, though that laptop is very expensive, unlike most of the Chromebooks reviewed here. Chrome OS offers pretty much the same experience as using the popular Chrome web browser, which you might well already use on…

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Best bike accessories 2018

Whether it’s sunny, rainy, light or dark there’s a wealth of bike accessories you can get. We round up some of the best bike lights, cycle computers, speakers and the latest tech gadgets that can enhance your ride and keep you safe. Source link

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