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Next iOS Update Can Disable iPhone Slowdown Feature | News & Opinion

Tim Cook confirmed that the ability to disable the slowdown will arrive in February as part of an iPhone battery health feature being added to iOS. Apple has faced a lot of bad press recently following the revelation that it intentionally slowed down older iPhone models without telling anyone. It was intended to ensure that aging batteries could keep up with newer mobile OSes and to avoid crashes. Users weren’t impressed, though, and Apple responded quickly with a battery replacement…

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iOS Messaging Bug Can Freeze Your iPhone | News & Opinion

A software developer has uncovered a new bug in iOS that can freeze and crash an iPhone whenever it receives a specially crafted web link. The bug involves the Messages app, which conveniently loads a preview of any web link it receives. However, developer Abraham Masri found that he could exploit this previewing function to essentially overload the app. He did so by creating a special webpage that loads with “hundreds of thousands of characters” inside its internal code, Masri…

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PayPal Review & Rating | PCMag.com

In the ever-shifting world of mobile payment services, PayPal’s apps have morphed from an in-store cashless payment emphasis to a direct competitor to the company’s own Venmo app and service—minus the social-network features of peer-to-peer payments. The competition from Apple Pay and Android Pay (soon to be renamed Google Pay) was just too strong for the PayPal point of sale feature to thrive. You can still actually use the PayPal mobile app to pay and request payments from friends, sites,…

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How to replace an old iPhone battery, and how much will it cost in the UK?

Apple has admitted that it was deliberately slowing down older iPhones to save battery life – even on handsets that were barely three years old. Following an outcry over this revelation, the company has offered to replace batteries for a reduced fee (and to give users the option to turn off the ‘feature’ in an upcoming iOS update). However, some iPhone 6s models are actually covered by a 2016 program that Apple started in response to an issue with shutdowns…

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iPhone 2018 release date, price and specs rumours

Another year, another iPhone. Possibly two or three. The rumour mill never stops grinding when it comes to Apple’s next coveted smartphone. Here, we take a look at the rumours and speculation about this year’s new iPhone, as well as what features we’d like to see in the new iPhone for 2018. When is the new iPhone coming out? iPhone 2018 release date: September 2018 The new iPhone for 2018 will almost certainly be announced in September 2018. Apple announces…

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Fortnite Updates, Release Date, Price, Platforms, Battle Royale & More

Fortnite is a co-op open world survival game developed and published by Epic Games in which you and your friends scavenge to upgrade your fort and protect yourselves from the incoming zombie apocalypse. It’s a paid-for game in Early Access, but will be free-to-play at launch. There’s also Fortnite Battle Royale, a hugely popular free alternative to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Sound good? Great. It’s a lot to take in, we admit, so here we aim to make it a bit easier:…

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Best Big Phones 2018: Top Phablet Reviews & Buying Advice

Your buying guide for the best big phones in 2018 Many a time we’ve been guilty of reviewing a smartphone and blasting it for not fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, or for requiring two hands for comfortable operation. But every one of us is different, and while some of us prefer our phones sleek and compact, others prefer them big and powerful. Also see Best smartphones 2018 and Best tablets 2018. Large-screen phones aren’t useful only for those with…

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LIFX GU10 Review: Colour & White LED Smart Bulb

LIFX has been busily expanding its range of Wi-Fi lights over the last year or so, and the GU10 version is one of two downlight models it now sells in addition to the new Mini range and standard A60 model which comes in screw- and bayonet lamps. GU10 is a very common spotlight fitting in UK homes, but do check to see if your spotlights are low-voltage or mains voltage before buying. That’s because GU10 and MR16 spotlights are both…

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How to move from Android to iPhone:transfer contacts, photos, apps & music

If you’re an Android user thinking about moving to iPhone (or if you’ve already made the switch from Android to iOS), you may be concerned about transferring all your data – music, photos, videos, contacts, calendar and so on – and making sure nothing is lost in the process. Luckily you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that transferring contacts, music, photos, and apps from an Android phone to iPhone really couldn’t be simpler – it turns…

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How to turn off click sounds on iPhone or iPad

By default the iPhone (and iPad) keyboard makes a clicking noise every time you press a key. If you find iOS’s keyboard clicks annoying you aren’t alone. Luckily you can switch them off.  In this guide we show you how to turn off the iPhone and iPad’s keyboard noises. There are actually three ways to mute your iOS keyboard, read on to find out how! How to turn off keyboard clicks using the mute button   The easiest way to quickly…

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