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Google Home Show Rumours: Is Google Planning a Touchscreen Smart Speaker?

Google might have the better device, but Amazon’s Echo smart speaker family leads the market. While Google has recently announced its Google Home Mini and Google Home Max (the latter available only in the US for now), Amazon still has more devices. One of which is the Echo Show, a smart speaker with a touchscreen display, and it’s the one Google could well have its eyes on next. It makes sense that if Google wants to take on Amazon Echo…

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Review : The Best 2-in-1

The original Surface Pro marked Microsoft’s entry into the tablet market and the 2-in-1 has been refined and improved over the years. We were impressed with the Surface Pro 4 and now, 18 months later, we’re just as bowled over by the Surface Pro. You’ll have noticed the absence of the expected ‘5’ – this is just Surface Pro. Why did Microsoft change the naming scheme? We don’t know for sure, but the 2017 Surface Pro is such a slight…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review: Bigger Isn’t Better In This Case

New Galaxy devices have finally arrived from Samsung and there’s a slightly different strategy for the 2017 flagship phones. Now in simply different sizes rather than offering varying tech, here we go in-depth for our Galaxy S8 Plus review to see if you should buy the larger handset. You might also want to check out the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active rumours, and Samsung Galaxy S8 mini rumours Price and Availability The S8 Plus is now available in the UK.…

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Best Phone Deals December 2017

Smartphones. Everyone has one, and most people are on the lookout for a new one at some point – but no-one ever wants to pay full price. Smartphones are costing more and more, with the iPhone X coming in at a cool £999 for the cheapest model. This means it’s becoming even more important for people to find the best possible contract prices to spread the cost of the handset and price plan over 24 months. But not all deals…

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Best SSDs 2017/2018: Solid State Drives

Your buying guide for the best SSDs in 2017 Solid-state storage is standard-issue for storing data in tablets and smartphones, where it’s relied upon for its tiny size and rugged nature. Those same virtues can be handy in desktop PCs and especially laptops too, but it’s the speed of an SSD (solid-state drive) compared to a traditional hard drive which is the biggest reason to upgrade. This speed factor is about so much more than go-faster bragging rights though. Old-school…

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iPhone buying guide 2017/2018: Which iPhone should I buy?

“Which iPhone should I buy?” has always been a tricky question, because Apple still sells older models of its iPhone at a lower price. Plus, there are screen sizes and storage options to consider. Now, Apple has complicated things even further by launching three new phones at once: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and all-new iPhone X. Here, we talk you through each of the phones available to buy from Apple, to help you decide which is best for…

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Best Bluetooth wireless earbuds 2017/2018: AirPod alternatives

After some initial head-scratching caused by their odd stick-in-your ear design, the reviews of Apple’s cable-free AirPods were pretty favourable. Then, as always, a number of similar wireless headphones were released that attempt to get in on the act. These products work excellently with every iPhone, and you may even be wondering which will best work with the new iPhone X. The advantages of a wireless design are obvious – especially for sport and exercise, as they allow you to go running…

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Shuttle SZ270R8 Review: Pint-Sized Gaming PC

Shuttle has been making tiny desktop PC barebones systems for years. You simply add a processor, memory, a hard drive and a graphics card, if you need to. But while you can still do this, you can also buy a fully built system from iCubes in the UK. SHUTTLE SZ270R8: PRICE As reviewed, the Shuttle SZ270R8 Mini PC costs £1,579.25 from iCubes.  Alternatively, you can configure it on iCubes’ website with a variety of processors ranging from a Celeron G3950 up to a…

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Best running headphones – Tech Advisor

The fifth-generation of the Freedom earbuds, these Bluetooth sports headphones are remarkably small and light. They come with various sizes of foam and silicone tips, plus different sizes of ‘wingtips’ which help to lock the buds into your ear. It takes a while to try out all the combinations and figure out which works best (you should also try wrapping the cable over your ears as well as dangling down under them) but once set up, they’re super secure. We…

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Xbox Release Date, New Maps & Gameplay

Proving to be one of the bestselling games of 2017 so far on Steam, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is causing quite a stir. You can download the game now on PC but Xbox One players will have to wait – the game has been confirmed for Xbox One on 12 December 2017. Brendan Greene is a pioneer of the Battle Royale genre and creator of the Battle Royale game mode on the ARMA series and ‘King of the Kill’ in H1Z1. He’s…

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