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How to Fix your Phone Screen

The brief moment of horror you feel when your phone slips out of your hand and falls towards the pavement is one we’ve all experienced. If you get lucky, your phone won’t have a scratch. If you aren’t quite as lucky and you find your screen in bits, then you’re probably here reading this article. Luckily a damaged screen doesn’t mean you need a new phone, as there are a few different options available to you depending on how extensive…

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BT Whole Home Wi-Fi Review

So-called mesh networks are the latest fashion in home networking. Instead of relying on one router to provide a strong, fast Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, mesh networks use multiple access points and a few nifty tricks besides. BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi is the latest mesh networking kit, and here’s our review. (See also: Best routers) Note: Unlike BT’s routers, the Whole Home Wi-Fi will work with any router and with and ISP since it isn’t a router itself: it…

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Best iPad Air 2 Cases

If you want to turn your iPad into a budget-friendly MacBook alternative, Snugg’s folio keyboard case is a good option.  The polycarbonate shell gives your iPad solid protection from falls and scrapes, while it connects via Bluetooth for a fully featured backlit keyboard. It runs off its own battery, charged by Micro-USB, and can also rotate 180 degrees to serve as a simple landscape viewing stand to watch videos. There are a few different colour options available, and Snugg even…

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Razer Phone Review: The Ultimate Android for Gaming

Following the acquisition of Nextbit, gaming brand Razer has entered the smartphone market with a handset aimed at gamers. It’s simply called the Razer Phone and offers incredible tech not found on any other smartphones on the market including a 120Hz Quad HD display capable of offering double the framerate of the likes of the iPhone X, Pixel 2 and more. It’s a great concept, but has Razer done enough to cement its place in the smartphone market? We’ve spent…

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EE Hawk Review: Quite A Lot for Not That Much

Often too these handsets are unattractive to consumers as they are filled with branded bloatware. Luckily, the EE Hawk is a refreshingly different take. It’s a budget choice that is more capable than it first appears, and is a sensible choice if you don’t mind being on EE. Its simple design and clean version of Android are refreshing on a phone that you might assume is too cheap to be any good. Price and availability You can buy the EE…

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How to watch Nvidia CES 2018 press conference live stream

CES 2018 is upon us and that means a tsunami of new products and Nvidia is kicking things off early. Here are all the details on the press conference live stream from Las Vegas. How to watch Nvidia CES 2018 live stream Date and time: 4:00am (UK time) 8 January Nvidia’s press conference at CES is one of the first of big names to take place. If you’re in Vegas then it’s being held in the MGM Grand Conference Center…

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Best Amazon Deals of January 2018

Amazon is one of the biggest players in the deals game. With such a huge range of products, you’re bound to find a great deal at any time of the year. Here, we bring you our pick of the very best Amazon deals, and some top tips to help make sure you don’t miss out on a bargain. Best Amazon deals right now Here’s our pick of the best deals in tech from across Amazon. We’ll include Amazon’s own products…

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How to text on an iPad: Send SMS messages to non-Apple phones

Sending SMS text messages from an iPad isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You’ll have noticed the pre-installed Messages app, but that’s for sending iMessages (which can only be sent to other people on an iPhone or iPad) rather than conventional SMS text messages (which you can send to anyone with a phone). In this article we outline the other options that let you send texts from an iPad. iMessage The Messages app on an iPad is limited, because…

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The best Nintendo Switch deals of January 2018

2017 had been the year of the Switch. Nintendo’s device – half portable, half home console – blew away sales expectations, and was almost impossible to get hold of in the US for months since the launch, with Nintendo ramping up production to try and meet demand. This month, you can find deals if you know where to look. Here at Tech Advisor, we’re constantly scouring the web for the best Nintendo Switch deals available, so if and when there are any you…

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Best Tablet Deals of January 2018

Not quite smartphone, not quite laptop – yes, it’s the humble tablet. Globally popularised by the iPad in 2010, you’d be hard pressed to find a household without one or two knocking about. But tablets are expensive given their capabilities rarely match those of a PC or Mac. Some are cheaper though, and tablets are an ideal media consumption device, especially on the go. The good news is there are often cheap tablet deals about, and retailers can give big discounts to…

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