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Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Make progress with these tools that keep you on track. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. For the next few weeks, there will be no escape from magazine covers that champion a “New Year, New You” (or friends who have vowed to start green juicing). But whether you’re the type who makes and breaks resolutions quickly or has steadily improved your life year after year, you’re probably…

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How to download music to an Android Wear smartwatch

There a good deal of smartwatches on the market. If you don’t have an Apple Watch or a Samsung smartwatch, then chances are it’s an Android Wear model. If you’re not sure, many of the current models are listed here. The latest Android Wear watches run Android Wear 2.0, popular models such as Huawei Watch 2 and the LG Watch Sport. These watches can store music directly on them, and stream it to Bluetooth headphones. Here’s how. Step 1: You need…

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How to Turn Videos or Photos Into GIFs

GIFs have been around since the beginning of the internet, but they’re more popular than ever. Here’s how you can make them yourself using Giphy Cam. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. Whether you pronounce it with a hard or soft G, the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a low-tech, looping video format or mini-slideshow of sorts that’s been with us for years. GIFs have persisted, showing…

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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8

There are four ways to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8: 1. Simultaneously press and hold the power and volume-down buttons. 2. Swipe the edge of your palm across the screen from right to left (this will need to be enabled in Settings > Advanced Features > Palm swipe to capture). 3. Use Smart Select to capture a specific area of the screen. This is available from the Edge Panel, where…

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How to sell or trade in your old iPhone

Even if you’re in the iPhone Upgrade Program, you might have an old iPhone languishing in a drawer somewhere unused. And if you buy your iPhone outright each year, you can usually recoup a good amount of that cost by selling the old model every time you upgrade. Here’s what you need to know about selling or trading in your old iPhone for top dollar. How to get an old iPhone ready for sale This probably goes without saying, but…

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Don’t format your Time Machine drive using APFS

Time Machine can’t make use of Apple File System (APFS) volumes. This is a significant problem that many Macworld readers want to make sure others know about. This has been known for months, and because you typically have to take steps to convert a drive to APFS, it hasn’t been an issue for most people. You can accidentally convert a drive to APFS without macOS warning you that you’re about to do so. If you use the Finder option to…

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How to screenshot and record video on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile console and it’s super easy to take screenshots and record gameplay video. Here’s how to do it and where to find it on the device. Take a screenshot  Regardless of the mode you’re using the Switch in, you’ll find a square button with a circle in the middle on the left Joy-Con controller. The same button can also be found on the Pro controller. This is called the capture button so all you need to…

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Ethernet or Wi-Fi? Which should you use for macOS cellular phone call handling and Continuity

Apple introduced Continuity as a way to bind together various features across the two kinds of systems. It’s great when it works, and it’s clearly gotten better. AirDrop only fails on me sometimes instead of mostly, for example. Continuity includes Instant Hotspot, Universal Clipboard, and other features. But Macworld reader Tom is having trouble with the Cellular Calls part of Continuity, which effectively extends an iPhone voice calling service to work with any associated Mac or iOS device. He has…

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How To Ride a Hoverboard: Tips On Mastering Your Self-Balancing Board

Hoverboards were all the rage in 2015, and although the hype has somewhat died down since, the self-balancing boards still sell like hotcakes online. Although hoverboards have the smarts to help keep you upright, there’s more to riding a hoverboard than simply stepping on it and hoping for the best. But don’t fret, as we at Tech Advisor have been riding hoverboards for over two years, and here’s our advice on how to ride a hoverboard (with extra tips!). If…

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How to Buy, Sell, and Swap Gift Cards

Get a gift card you can’t use or don’t want? Sell it or swap it on these sites. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. You’ve received a particular gift card as a present. The only problem is you can’t use it or don’t want it and you can’t return it. On the flip side, maybe you’re looking for a specific gift card to buy as a present…

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