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What happens when you cancel your iTunes Match subscription?

Given that iTunes Match came first and Apple Music years later, many readers aren’t quite sure which features come with which service. That’s partly because some aspects overlap, especially access to iCloud Music Library syncing and streaming, which requires a subscription to either Apple Music and iTunes Match. Macworld reader Anthony wants to know particularly about what would happen if he has Apple Music (via a family account shared with his brother) and he cancels iTunes Match. He used to…

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How to Watch Panasonic CES 2018 Press Conference Live Stream

Panasonic is at CES this year and will hold a 45-minute keynote at the start of the show held in Las Vegas. It hasn’t said whether the presentation will include any product launches, but we expect it to unveil new TVs and possibly other new gadgets. Typically Panasonic talks about future tech including smart homes, tech-equipped vehicles and more. We expect it will also reveal details on new cameras and other imaging devices. What time is the Panasonic live stream? Panasonic’s CES…

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5 PUBG Tips for Dominating the Battlegrounds

PUBG can be intimidating. We can’t guarantee these tips will lead to the top spot every time, but they make for a better strategy than proceeding aimlessly. January 4, 2018 11:40AM EST January 4, 2018 PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) technically just exited beta, but don’t underestimate its popularity. The latest SteamSpy report places this PC game’s concurrent user base close to 3…

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How to fix a Safari problem with “”

How to fix a Safari problem with “” | Macworld An outdated Acrobat plug-in was fixed, but you may have to install an update manually. Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Apple “);});try{$(“div.lazyload_blox_ad”).lazyLoadAd({threshold:0,forceLoad:false,onLoad:false,onComplete:false,timeout:1500,debug:false,xray:false});}catch(exception){console.log(“error loading lazyload_ad “+exception);}}); Macworld reader Jim keeps seeing an annoying message every time he opens a website in Safari: “ wants to use your confidential information stored in ‘’ in your keychain,” along with a prompt to enter…

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How to Remove DRM – Tech Advisor

DRM (Digital rights management) has become an industry standard across streaming platforms. It’s there to help protect content from being stolen and distributed, but can also cause legitimate users problems too. DRM puts additional code into media files that implements a variety of restrictions, anything from how many devices they can be viewed on, to how many times they can be viewed. The exact function differs depending on the distributor of the content but they are all geared to remove…

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How to Buy Xiaomi Phones & Tablets UK

In the second quarter of 2017, Xiaomi made its way back into the top five phone manufacturers in the world, according to IDC. The company previously known as China’s Apple (and which still has higher market share in China than does Apple) shipped a total of 21.2 million units worldwide, representing a 59% increase from last year. Consumers are beginning to hear more and more about Xiaomi, and yet getting hold of its products hasn’t got a great deal easier. Some have…

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How to install Kodi on Xbox One

It seems as if the open source media player has come full circle, as Kodi (formerly known as Xbox Media Centre) is now available to download on the Xbox One, bringing the plethora of add-ons Kodi is famed for to Microsoft’s latest console. However, it’s early days and as such, there are a few teething issues. Don’t worry too much; here, we explain the state of Kodi’s Xbox One port and how you can install Kodi on your Xbox One.…

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How to Get Your $29 iPhone Battery Replacement | News & Opinion

Apple has made its $29 iPhone replacement battery program effective immediately for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later who feels like their phone is a little slow or doesn’t hold a charge. Genius Bar To get your low-cost battery replacement, available through through December 2018, the best way is to make an appointment at a Genius Bar via Apple’s website or its Support app. There, Apple may be able to do a same-day repair or offer you a loaner…

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What to look out for when moving cloud-based files that are stored locally on your Mac

Cloud-hosted file services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and iCloud Drive try to create the best of several overlapping scenarios, but it can still be confusing to regular users exactly where their files are stored. With services that use one or more folders on your computer to sync files, the services make centrally stored copies of everything in those folders, and distribute them to other linked machines—your own and those of other people that you’ve shared items or folders with.…

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How to fly a drone

With the rules and regulations governing drone flying becoming ever tighter, it’s well worth spending time to learn the basics before you take off for real. We’ll explain the jargon as well as exactly how to control a drone. See also: Best drones to buy right now How do I control a drone? Most drones arrive ready to fly, with a remote control that is already paired, or bound, to the drone. Read your manual to find out whether you should turn…

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