Ten-year-old boy to get bionic hand for Christmas

A 10-year-old boy has told Sky News he will emulate his Star Wars hero when he’s given a bionic hand for Christmas. Cameron Millar, from Edinburgh, who was born without a hand, has crowdfunded the £10,000 for a new 3D-printed prosthetic. The young Star Wars fan told Sky News: “I’ll feel a lot like Luke Skywalker, my Star Wars favourite character, because in one of the movies Darth Vader chopped off his hand with his lightsaber. Now he has a bionic…

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5 ways chatbots can improve brand marketing

Similar to the purchasing behavior of consumers, marketers aren’t immune to chasing after must-have fads and trends. Chatbot technologies – a shiny object du jour within the industry – make a case for this. Thurs far, though, clamoring for chatbots has been driven more by vague notions of transforming customer service and driving loyalty through experiences, rather than by detailed, rational, and more concrete opportunities that map to clearer business value. However, those opportunities do exist. Setting aside use cases…

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Why does my iPhone go slowly? Tricks to make your Apple device run faster

It might not be a problem with the phone (Picture: Getty Images) iPhones always seem to feel slower after a couple of years. While many assume it’s just the phone getting old, that might not actually be the case. Apple reveals release date of the iMac Pro – an insanely powerful and expensive desktop computer In fact it’s possible that if your iPhone is running slow – it could be down to a number of things completely separate to the…

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Zooper Widget has mysteriously disappeared from the Play Store

Zooper Widget and Zooper Widget Pro have both been removed from the Play Store The developer still has other apps live in the Play Store There has been no response yet from the developers One of Android’s strengths has always been customization. You can download any number of third-party launchers, icon packs, and widgets to make your phone into precisely what you want. In fact, my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S8 looks much more like a Windows Phone than it does…

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SpaceX Launches Reused Falcon 9 and Dragon Capsule to Resupply ISS

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. SpaceX has launched a resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS), which would have been big news a few years ago. Now, it happens all the time. However, there is something very important about this most recent flight. For the first time, SpaceX has reused a Falcon 9 for a NASA launch, and this is also the first time it has sent a reused…

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Russian Soyuz heads for space station while SpaceX Dragon delivers cargo – GeekWire

News Brief: Three new crew members are on their way to the International Space Station after a successful launch from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. NASA’s Scott Tingle, Russia’s Anton Shkaplerov and Japan’s Norishige Kanai lifted off at 11:21 p.m. PT Saturday aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and are to arrive at the station on Tuesday. Meanwhile, a robotic SpaceX Dragon capsule was due to rendezvous with the station overnight, delivering 4,800 pounds of cargo. Source link

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As it defends social media, Facebook debuts snooze button to mute your annoying friends

Facebook Inc. launched a Snooze feature today that lets users hide annoying friends and pages from their news feed for 30 days. Snooze allows users to mute their Facebook friends without having to unfollow or unfriend them permanently. The feature will notify users when the 30 days are nearly up, allowing them to either extend the Snooze or let it expire. They can also choose to turn Snooze off at any time. Facebook has always focused on getting people to communicate more – it even says so in the…

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Sportsbet has a Google Assistant app that you can ask for tips or when the next race is

Gambling website Sportsbet has gone all in with Google despite not being able to list their Android app on Google Play. The company has listed their Google Assistant app in the directory and you can interact with it now. The app is compatible with phones, tablets, Chromebooks, iOS devices with Assistant installed and of course Google Assistant powered smart speakers like Google Home. To access the Sportsbet app you can simply say ‘Hey(Ok) Google, Talk to Sportsbet’ and you’re off…

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iMac Pro UAE release date, news and features

The Mac Pro isn’t dead. Although its last true appearance was back in late 2013, the iMac has gotten so powerful that it would have nearly deemed Apple’s most cylindrical computer irrelevant had the two not been fused to make the iMac Pro. Revealed to the public at the San Jose Convention Center during the Cupertino company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2017, the iMac Pro will modernize the performance of the Mac Pro and introduce it to the illustrious…

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2019 Chevrolet Silverado: Here’s a quick first look

Well, it looks like Chevrolet knows how to make an entrance. The company surprised a group of media and Chevy truck owners at with a first look at the 2019 Silverado by flying the truck in by helicopter. The presentation came Saturday at a centennial celebration staged at Texas Motor Speedway. This is it! The next-generation Chevy Silverado. Emme Hall/Roadshow General Motors remains mum on specs for the next-generation full-sized pickup, saying only that it will be lighter weight and…

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