Smart kitchen gadgets: 11 must-have devices to make your home smarter

What makes a smart home? Well, you’ve probably already got the smart TV in the living room, maybe a smart speaker in the lounge too.  If you’re really invested you’ll have the smart lighting and smart thermostat too. But what makes for a smart kitchen? Since the smart home category exploded onto the tech scene, countless manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to the point that we’re now spoilt for choice, and that quickly expanded to include smart kitchenware, too.…

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New project gives developers DIY tools for creating dynamic languages

The creator of the Higgs experimental JavaScript compiler has announced a new project: a virtual machine for dynamic languages that supports existing dynamic languages or make it easy to build new ones. In the long run, the project has an even more ambitious purpose: allowing developers to create software that can still be run as-is decades from now. The project, called ZetaVM, provides both a virtual machine and a JIT compiler with built-in support for features found in dyamic languages—dynamic typing, for…

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Here’s Our First Look At The Gamer-Focused Razer Phone, Apparently Inspired By The Nextbit Robin : TECH : Tech Times

Pokemon Go gameplay: Playing Nintendo’s hit smartphone app on the streets of London The first image of the Razer Phone has been leaked, providing a glimpse of the gamer-focused Android smartphone that the video game accessory maker is planning to unveil on Nov. 1. Through the image, along with the recently surfaced Razer Phone specs from a benchmark listing, gamers are slowly piecing together what they can expect from the upcoming device. Razer Phone Looks Like The Nextbit Robin TechByte…

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Net Neutrality Protests Move Online, Yet Big Tech Is Quiet

“So with the dangers of standing up in D.C. greater, their existential concerns about net neutrality reduced because of their own massive size and a desire not to spook investors, it is unsurprising that Silicon Valley giants have melted into the background and have preferred to work through their trade associations,” he said. There also does not appear to be much chance of their winning the debate right now. The three Republican members of the F.C.C., who make up a…

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Cigarette addict caught smoking in plane bathroom threatens to kill everyone on board / Boing Boing

Video taken during a Southwest Airlines flight Saturday shows a woman screaming and making threats toward passengers’ lives. The airline said the woman was found smoking in the plane’s lavatory after tampering with the smoke detector, according to the Washington Post. Accused of subsequently pulling out an oxygen mask, the woman can be seen and heard demanding the plane be stopped or else she would kill all passengers and crew. “I swear, if you don’t f—ing land, I will f—ing…

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Restaurants shouldn’t rely too much on VC-fueled delivery companies

Americans will spend $260 billion on takeout this year — and most savvy restaurant owners understand that, as so many consumers place orders via mobile, offering digital ordering is a must for a successful run. That’s why giants like Grubhub, Seamless and UberEats have popped up, promising to work with restaurants to deliver their food to hungry paying customers. But the thorn in the side of this burgeoning market is the business model — because, frankly, it’s not sustainable. The…

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Some of Facebook’s early friends now its sharpest critics

Some of Facebook’s former friends are starting to express some serious doubts about the social network they helped create. Facebook exploits a “vulnerability in human psychology” to addict its users, Sean Parker, the company’s first president, said in a public forum last month. Chamath Palihapitiya, a former Facebook vice president who joined the company in 2007, recently told an audience at Stanford that the company is “ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” And Roger McNamee, a venture…

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Report: Intel Inside co-marketing program will get a budget cut

by Zak Killian — 4:15 PM on December 12, 2017 If you’re reading this site, you’re almost certainly familiar with the wide-reaching “Intel Inside” branding. Intel Inside isn’t just a fancy logo and a slogan, though. Since 1991, Intel has operated a “co-operative marketing program” under the name, and through the program Intel funnels a lot of cash into the industry by helping vendors cover advertising and marketing costs. Now, CRN is reporting that Intel intends to cut funding for…

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