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Mortal Kombat II Restore Part #19 – Bally Midway Arcade – Wiring, POLO monitor missing color

Here it is! PART #19 of the Bally Midway Mortal Kombat 2 arcade game restore! ARE WE ALMOST DONE?! In this video we will: #1 – Test voltages #2 – Repin edge connector to fix missing colors on Hantarex Polo monitor (Red and Green missing) #3 – Reseat Chips on Mortal Kombat PCB #4 – Wire up Mortal Kombat control Panel #5 – Replace Mortal Kombat CMOS battery #6 – Use test mode in menu to wire Mortal Kombat control…

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Windjammers (Flying Disc) Arcade Review – Original NEO GEO MVS Arcade Game

Here’s a review of an original NEO GEO MVS Windjammers cartridge on original NEO GEO MVS hardware with 25″ CRT. This game was made by Data East in 1994 and released for the NEO GEO MVS and AES systems. It’s also available on the Switch and Windjammers 2 will be coming out in 2019 for the PC and Switch. From Wikipedia: Windjammers (also known as Flying Power Disc in Japan) is a fast-paced sports arcade game released by Data East…

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Cardfight Vanguard Blue Storm Tetra-burst post stride deck

This is probably the only deck profile of Tetra-burst online post stride since everyone else seems to be playing either Maelstrom or Thavas. Grade 3 4x Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-burst Dragon 4x Blue Storm Marine General, Michael 1x Diamantes Grade 2 4x Starless 4x Milos 3x Basil Grade 1 1x Blue Storm Guardian Dragon Icefall Dragon 3x Electra 2x Light Signals Penguin Soldier 3x Hermes 4x Stacia Grade 0 4x Draw 8x Critical 4x Heal Anos source

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Cardfight Vanguard Nightsnow Nightmist post BT17

This deck got updated somewhat thanks to the addition of the Granblue Limit break enabler. The major change from post Fighter’s Collection is the re-introduction of Cocytus Reverse back into the deck. Grade 3 3x Nightsnow 3x Nightmist 2x Cocytus “Reverse” Grade 2 2x Commandore Blueblood 3x Ruin Shade 3x Dragon Corrode, Corrupt Dragon 3x Three Star Chef, Pietro Grade 1 4x Gust Jinn 4x Brutal Shade 2x Samurai Spirit 3x Sea Strolling Banshee 1x Evil Shade Grade 0 12x…

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Cardfight Vanguard Dauntless Dominate Dragon Reverse Deck

Grade 4 4x Novelle Vague Grade 3 3x Dauntless Dominate Dragon Reverse 3x Dauntless Drive Dragon Grade 2 2x Dominate Drive Dragon 2x Berserk Dragon 3x Bellicosity Dragon 3x Nouvellocritic Dragon Grade 1 1x Heatnail 2x Dragon Knight, Ashgar 2x Diable Drive Dragon 4x Nouvelleroman Dragon 4x Wyvern Guard, Barri Grade 0 4x Gattling Claw Dragon (draw) 8x Critical 4x Heal Dragon Knight, Sadegh (or Lizard Soldier, Conroe) source

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Yugioh Gishiki Deck Profile

Monsters: 1x Evigishiki Zeal Gigas 1x Evigishiki Levianima 1x Evigishiki Psychelone 1x Evigishiki Soul Ogre 1x Evigishiki Mind Augus 1x Evigishiki Tetrogre 1x Evigishiki Gustkraken 3x Gishiki Shadow 3x Gishiki Vision 3x Gishiki Beast 2x Gishiki Abyss 1x Gishiki Chain 1x Gishiki Marker 1x Gishiki Ariel 1x Gishiki Emilia 1x Gishiki Noelia 1x Gishiki Natalia 1x Gishiki Avance Spells: 2x Gishiki Photomirror 2x Gishiki Aquamirror 2x Salvage 1x Heavy Storm 1x Dark Hole 1x Mystical Space Typhoon Traps: 1x Aquamirror…

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