Android Wear 2.0 – what to expect from the new update

A number of Android smartwatches are set to be treated to new features courtesy of Android Wear 2.0. What tricks does Google have up its sleeve, and when can we expect the update to reach new gadgets and older devices? Read on as we take a closer look at Wear 2.0’s key features. Best Buy smartwatches – easy to use, stylish and comfortable Android Wear 2.0 – what’s new? Google has confirmed that Android Wear 2.0 ‘will be available for all…

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Race To Mars Begins: Lockheed Martin, NASA Reveal Mars Base Camp Orbiter

Everyone might be talking about Elon Musk’s plans to get humans to Mars, but SpaceX wasn’t the only organisation shooting for the moon. Well, past the moon. Lockheed Martin revealed last week that it’s helping NASA reach the red planet too, showing off its Mars Base Camp orbiter that aims to “land humans on the [Mars] surface in the 2030s”. Lockheed Martin has released details about the orbiter, including an extensive white paper (PDF), however, you can check out the…

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2018 GMC Terrain IntelliLink Review: Getting better

Compact SUVs have always been popular in Canada, and while flashier vehicles get a lot of the attention for the technology inside, GMC looks to be improving its IntelliLink infotainment setup at the right time. Much like other GM lines, there is a consistent approach that is focusing on connectivity. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both onboard, as well as an in-car hotspot and rejigged navigation map. A few other interesting tweaks were thrown in to boot. I got…

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Amazon-owned Whole Foods says several stores hit with credit card hack – National

The Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market said Thursday that payment card information had been stolen from taprooms, restaurants and other venues within some of its stores. Whole Foods, which was recently purchased by e-commerce giant Amazon for US$13.7 billion, said that the point-of-sale system it uses for over 440 locations across the United States was not involved in the data hack. WATCH: Amazon enters grocery store market with multi-billion-dollar Whole Foods deal The food provider also said that systems do…

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Voice search must identify user intent before it can make sales

Personal digital assistants have taken the world by storm. We have Siri and Google Assistant on our phones, and many of us have Amazon Echo and Google Home, as well. Voice user interfaces, which have been available to consumers since the 1990s, have finally gone mainstream as a way to play music, set timers, and control smart homes. But voice hasn’t really taken off for ecommerce, despite Amazon’s leadership in the smart speaker market. When asked about this a few…

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Opera 48.0 Stable released: find out what is new

Opera Software released a new stable version of the Opera web browser, Opera 48.0 Stable, today for all supported operating systems. The new version of the web browser introduces a whole range of new features and improvements. Opera 48 ships with an updated conversion tool to convert units, currencies and time zones, an improved pop up search tool, and a new snapshot tool to capture web pages. Existing Opera users may use the browser’s built-in automatic update functionality to upgrade…

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The C64 Mini Retro system with games announced

The C64 Mini is a new all-in-one retro system that the company Retro Games Limited plans to release in 2018 to the market. Retro consoles and systems seem to be in high demand in this time and age. Nintendo’s two retro consoles, the NES Mini and the SNES Mini, are in high demand and sold out nearly anywhere. But Nintendo is not the only company that is releasing retro consoles. A new Atari console will come out later (Mike will…

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Essential Phone review: Impressive for a new company but not competitive

The Essential Phone. The back is all ceramic. The screen goes all the way to the edge, but there’s that camera notch. The bottom has a chin. On the back you’ve got the LED flash, a dual camera setup, two contact points for the modular system, and a fingerprint reader. Here you can make out the earpiece, which is a tiny slot in the top bezel. The bottom has a slot for a speaker and another for a microphone. There’s…

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Clean up your email (and your life) with Postbox 5 for Mac or Windows, only $29.99

Email anxiety is real. Whether you’re afraid to look at new emails you’ve received, afraid to throw away any old correspondence, or fear the general sense of dread that your email box induces, maybe you need some help. The fastest way to clear up that anxiety is by knowing you control your email, and not the other way around. Postbox 5 streamlines all your various email accounts, organizes them cleanly and intuitively, and offers up a host of methods for…

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How to improve your radio’s reception

Ensure your FM, internet or DAB radio sounds as good as it can with our tips for getting the best radio reception Does your radio programme not sound quite as good as it should? Poor radio reception is sadly much more common than it should be in this day and age, especially in rural areas… The post How to improve your radio’s reception appeared first on Which? Tech Daily. Source link

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