Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Caldigit is one of the most experienced Thunderbolt dock manufacturers. Their TS3 Plus delivers 85 watts of power and has a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port. We put it through its paces in this review. See more docks: and subscribe!

00:59 – Hardware Overview and Price
01:38 – Ports
02:36 – USB Type-C Gen 2 Port
03:27 – No HDMI Adapter in the Box
03:38 – Maximum Display Support
03:54 – Power Brick
04:10 – 85 Watt power delivery – check your laptop specs
04:46 – Other Ports
05:49 – Testing Dock on macOS
06:08 – Using Dock on Windows 10
06:34 – Performance: External SSD
06:54 – Connecting to a Mac or PC
07:33 – SSD Test Part 1 : Direct computer connection
08:09 – SSD Test Part 2: USB-C Gen 1 Connection
08:46 – SSD Test Part 3 : Dock USB-C Gen 2 Port
09:22 – Performance of other ports
09:52 – SSD Test Part 4: Connection through Thunderbolt daisychain
11:00 – SD Card Reader Test
11:45 – General Tip: Splurge on a Thunderbolt 3 Dock vs Regular USB
12:28 – Final Thoughts

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