Welcome to ITWC’s August 2018 community slideshow! Every month we ask leaders in the Canadian technology industry about a general life topic as a fun way to know the community a little better. This month we’re talking about one of our favourite topics of discussion at the ITWC headquarters, books!

Did you know that the average North American reads only twelve books per year? Twelve books! Surprising right? And according to a recent study, the median is actually closer to four books per year. Well, knowing our community, it’s no surprise that these tech leaders are constantly reading, far surpassing the average North American.

With summer heating up, many people are taking time to lounge by the pool or on the beach to enjoy the sun and a good read. That left us thinking: What is currently on your summer reading list?

Read on for answers from  SOTI, Google Cloud, IBM and more. We’d love to hear your thoughts, use the hashtag #CommunityQuestion and join the conversation.

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