It’s been a while since I updated my business cards, so I wanted to do something special (again). I’ve had 3M Post-It Notes for cards, I’ve had square cards, I’ve had double-thickness cards, I’ve had embossed cards… but this may be my favorite to date. I’d read quite a bit about NFC technology and saw that my favorite business card printer, Moo, had added NFC business cards to their offerings.

NFC is a technology already embedded into every modern mobile device. On Android, you can enable NFC services in your payment notification settings. On iPhone, you can download an NFC reader and scan on demand. For these business cards, you simply hit scan, tap the phone to the card, and up comes the website that I’ve configured at Moo which I can update at any time. I can even see how many times my cards have been scanned!

NFC Scan
NFC Business Card Destination Page

I absolutely love the fact that I can control the destination for the cards. On my destination, I’m utilizing my scheduling bot so folks can even make an appointment with me if they’d like!

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Disclosure: I am using my Moo referral code in this post!

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