Size 3

Emperor Dragon, Gael Khan

Size 2

3x Fighting Dragon, Demongodol
4x Nightflight Dragon, Rahal
2x Strong Horn Dragon, Diatlus

Size 1

4x Soaring Dragon, Sylphide (buddy)
2x Saberclaw Dragon, Valkan
2x Grassland Dragon, Grassrunner
4x Bloodwind Dragon, Elyrseagar

Size 0

4x Bluechase Dragon, Gorg


3x Hysteric Spear
3x Boulder Piercing Spear


2x Night in the wild
1x Thunder Devastation
1x Lord Aura Meditation
1x Crimson Slash
3x Battle Spirit Unite
2x double guillotine
2x earth shattering slash
2x exorcist stomp
1x Survival Chance


3x Drill Bunker!!


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