See all of this week’s mentioned videos at – This week I report on some things I found at a Pepcom gadget show in NYC, look at the varied opinions of niche hardware, and talk about why Chrome and Firefox won’t be on Windows 10 S. Subscribe for more !

00:09 – Patreon Thank Yous
00:27 – Channel view and subscriber milestones
00:48 – Non-Ad : Blue Apron meals this week –
02:02 – Week in Review: Extra’s channel
02:40 – Week in Review: Main Channel
04:51 – Ifixit: Surface Laptop is “glue-filled monstrosity”
05:51 – Lack of passion around Surface Laptop
06:47 – Week 15 Vlog: How I spent my time this week
09:33 – Cool gadgets from the Pepcom NYC show
09:59 – Pepcom: New 3D NAND from WD / Sandisk
10:59 – Pepcom: Powercast wireless charging
12:32 – Pepcom: Meem – Phone charging cable with built in backup
13:30 – Pepcom: FLIR One Pro Thermal Imaging Camera
15:08 – Pepcom: Sure Shot HD / Big Buck Hunter Pro Console
16:20 – Q&A: Finding replacement parts for cheap PCs
18:44 – Q&A: Why Chrome won’t be found on Windows 10 S Store
20:39 – Q&A: Niche hardware finding customers in the 21st century
24:21 – Q&A for you: Niche hardware recommendations?
24:41 – Channel of the week: DWBS
25:41 – Coming up this week
27:51 – Helping the channel
28:21 – Engage with the channel

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