In need of a few chuckles? These are the best Alexa skills for when you’re in the mood for a good joke or need help creating something funny of your own.

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Tough day? Need a few laughs? You can coax some from your Amazon Echo. Yes, Alexa can serve as a virtual stand-up comedian or MC and do anything from telling you a joke to presenting a comedy routine to serving up classic radio broadcasts from the past.

The Comedy King skill can tell you a (hopefully) funny joke, while Comedy Dog tells you jokes about man’s best friend. Bad Joke Teller does just what it promises. The Comedy Central skill, meanwhile, offers routines from well-known comedians, while The Tonight Show serves up monologues from host Jimmy Fallon.

Want to make other people guffaw through your own comedic talents? Create Your Own Jokes prompts you to write your own gags, which are delivered by Alexa, of course.

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