May 14th marks the 20th anniversary of the finale of Seinfeld. Two decades later, the newly luxurious Upper West Side is nearly devoid of the mom-and-pop businesses crucial to the show’s ecology, and smartphones have fixed the logistical challenges that drove so many plotlines. And yet Seinfeld, both in viewership and cultural memory, endures like few other shows have. Hulu, which has exclusive rights to the show, reports that the average age of their Seinfeld viewer is 27, meaning they were in 2nd grade when the finale aired.

In honor of the anniversary of the show’s finale, we got our hands on the script for every one of the 173 episodes—from the underachieving pilot to the underwhelming finale—and we tried to make sense of them. The essence of Seinfeld will never be captured in data points, but what the data revealed was more curious than we’d have guessed.

My wife is a huge Seinfeld fan and I’m a huge fan of massaging data like this so we’re both happy.

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