• Now Playing: Possible Sprint, T-Mobile mega merger

  • Now Playing: T-Mobile CEO Talks Future of Wireless and Content

  • Now Playing: T-Mobile fined $40 million over false ring tones

  • Now Playing: NASA to send its newest satellite into orbit

  • Now Playing: Vero social network app is taking on Facebook

  • Now Playing: Japanese engineer builds giant robot to fulfill anime dream

  • Now Playing: TESS, a NASA Explorer mission, to scan universe

  • Now Playing: NTSB says Tesla is not cooperating in self-driving crash

  • Now Playing: Gmail redesign in the works

  • Now Playing: Uber expanding transportation offerings

  • Now Playing: Steve Wozniak speaks out about quitting Facebook: ‘I’m just tired of all the ads’

  • Now Playing: All Apple stores around the world now running on clean energy

  • Now Playing: Zuckerberg suits up for meetings with lawmakers

  • Now Playing: Elon Musk faced with a fast-paced challenge

  • Now Playing: Facebook COO admits company made mistakes

  • Now Playing: Apple pushes back release date for Mac Pro desktop to 2019

  • Now Playing: Delta Airlines discovers data breach

  • Now Playing: NASA unveils plan for quieter supersonic aircraft

  • Now Playing: Facebook removes Russian accounts

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