Being aware of LinkedIn’s lesser-known features

11 LinkedIn Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

11 LinkedIn Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

LinkedIn has a number useful features and tricks, some of which were very well hidden. Taken together, they can help make the network a tool for far more than just job-hunting.
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can help you maintain utmost professionalism on the social networking platform, but what about your privacy? An important bit of personal data to keep close to your chest is your email address. Did you know that LinkedIn gives you four ways to control the visibility of your email address?

How to Limit Who Can See Your Email Address on LinkedIn

By default, only your first-degree connections can see your email address. Apart from this, there are three other settings you can choose to increase or decrease your privacy. Let’s see how you can choose who can see the email address on your profile.

  1. Log into LinkedIn from your desktop. You can also use the mobile apps.
  2. Click on the little down arrow below your profile picture. Then, choose Settings & Privacy.
  3. On the Settings & Privacy page, click on the tab for Privacy. The settings here allow you to manage how others see your profile and network information
  4. Click on the Change option for Who can see your email address.
  5. As you can see, four options are offered to you. Select one of the options to control the visibility of your email address.
    Choose one privacy setting
    Only you will hide your email address from everyone.
    1st-degree connections will allow only your direct connections to view your email address (this is the default setting).
    1st and 2nd-degree connections will allow your direct connections, and also their direct connections to see your email address.
    Everyone on LinkedIn allows everyone on LinkedIn to view your email address.
  6. All changes are automatically saved.

Remember, beyond this setting, your email address is also visible to people who are your email contacts. So, if you like to maintain some degree of privacy (or open it up for greater networking), then this is one setting you can change immediately.

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