These are several shots of the just-announced 1,414 piece Kessel Run Millennium Falcon LEGO set being released sometime this April in time for the May 25th premier of Solo: A Star Wars Story. As you can see, it looks like the Millennium Falcon we’re all familiar with but with some blue accents. No word on the price yet, but I guesstimate around $160 – $180. Will I be buying one myself? Probably not. Will I be stealing my nephew’s piece-by-piece every time I visit? Only time will tell but yes, probably. World’s greatest uncle award aside, why does it look like you can see minifig Lando Calrissian’s penis through his pants and he knows it?

Keep going for one more shot and the minifigs.





Thanks to Ron, who tried to get me to promise to buy him one, and who can consider this my refusal. Just kidding bro, I got you (I totally don’t).

Read More: characters, han solo, lego, making money hand over fist, millennium falcon, minifigs, movies, my my lando!, pew pew pew, solo, spaceships, star wars, sure why not, there’s no way you can convince me whoever designed that minifig didn’t do that on purpose, to infinity and beyond!

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