Altibase has its crosshairs set on Oracle, IBM and Microsoft now that it’s gone open source.

Following the recent announcement that the global software firm is open source, Altibase says it “directly challenges” the other companies by providing equal functionality at a much lower cost. Customers will save money by not having to buy in-memory and disk-resident databases separately, says Altibase. It can easily replace or supplement Oracle as well.

“The database industry is going open source – the trend is clear,” said Paul Nahm, Alitbase chairman, in a press release, adding enterprise clients are asking for an open source database that is trustworthy and reliable 24/7. Up until now, enterprises had to choose from costly  legacy databases that offered stability and support, or unproven open source databases that would crack under pressure during disaster situations, according to an Altibase blog post.

Altibase also touted its sharding technology in the announcement, suggesting companies don’t have to make changes to their existing systems running on relational databases. For the past 20 years, Altibase has served more than 600 enterprise clients, including eight Fortune Global 500 companies. 

The open source version of Altibase 7.1 can be downloaded here.

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