Apple released its first smart speaker, the Apple HomePod this past weekend but only in the US, UK and Australia. You can checkout our full review of the HomePod here, but in summary, it has fantastic audio quality but is deeply rooted inside Apple’s ecosystem.

Although Apple has yet to announce an official date for a global launch, and we think that it might be a while for that, you can already buy HomePod in the UAE through retailers like and

At the moment, noon is listing the HomePod for AED 1,440 which is roughly US$460. That is definitely a bit higher than the retail price in the US which is $350 but much better than what it’s going for at at the moment which is AED 2,149.

If you’re willing to wait a bit, BuyOnDubai has them on pre-order for AED 1,440 which comes to US$392. We think that is a pretty good deal. Deliveries are expected within a week so it won’t be a long wait either.

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