The last thing you’d want from a brand new home speaker is for it to damage your furniture, but that’s exactly what Apple’s HomePod is doing, according to numerous reports.

Apparently, the HomePod is leaving behind a white ring (there’s a picture at the source link) on wooden surfaces that have been finished with oil or wax, something Apple confirmed to the Wirecutter. The company responded by recommending customers try using the speaker in a different location.

Apple said the marks left behind could potentially improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface.

“Try cleaning the surface with the manufacturer’s suggested oiling method,” Apple said.

It doesn’t appear the HomePod leaves any permanent damage, but it’s still a big oversight on Apple’s part. As the Wirecutter notes, the HomePod did not leave a stain on glass, granite, or wood sealed with polyurethane.

If you do place the HomePod on wood furniture, you might want to consider placing something underneath it—at least until Apple can figure out what’s causing the issue.

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