What I’m about to talk about reminds me very much of how Android never got a Tiny Wings launch. For that, I will always resent my loyalty to Google’s mobile OS, though, I’m still grateful to use what I think is the best mobile operating system available.

Anyway, the official trailer for Alto’s Odyssey is now live, a sequel to the crazy popular and mega addicting Alto’s Adventure. Seriously, if you didn’t catch one of our past write ups, we love that game. Now, the sequel is scheduled to go live on February 22, but only for iOS.

As I was told in an email directly from the studio behind the game, “As a small team we have to prioritize one platform for our launch, but we haven’t forgotten about our Android players! We aren’t committing to a release date at the moment, but we’re hoping to get an Android version out in the months ahead.”

Wait, months ahead? That sucks.

We can take this a couple ways. The most notable to me is the fact that Android users seem less likely to drop money on apps than iOS users. Because of this, and as we saw with the launch of Alto’s Adventure, the developers implemented an in-app purchase system for our platform, instead of a single-time $4.99 purchase like on iOS. Due to the developers needing to build in an additional IAP payment system, coupled with it being a small team, this is likely why our launch is so delayed.

Does it suck having to be patient and watch while iOS users get to have all of the fun? Yes. Will the world keep spinning even though the Android release will take more time? Maybe, but probably.

If you have an iOS device, you can pre-order Alto’s Odyssey for $4.99 by following the link below. And believe me, once it’s available for Android, we’ll let you know.

Pre-Order for iOS Here


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